Strategic Plan

Marianopolis College is in the process of developing its next strategic plan and student success plan. These are collaborative endeavours, involving all members of the Marianopolis community, that will provide future direction while reflecting the mission and bedrock values that have been the College’s hallmark for generations. Below you will find the most recent five-year plans.

  • Strategic Plan 2015-2020

    By 2020, Marianopolis College will be known as the leader in pre-university studies in Quebec, a place where outstanding students, faculty and staff share a commitment to academic excellence and personal growth. Student-centered learning, personalized attention and community spirit will prevail across the campus. A Marianopolis education will be recognized as a unique and transformative experience that instills students with a lifelong love of learning.

    Marianopolis College’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan focuses on three core strategic directions:

    Transformative Education

    Marianopolis will provide a transformative educational experience through a holistic and learning-centered approach that prepares students for success at university and sparks a lifelong love of learning. Our goals in this direction are:

    • Continue to provide a dynamic and supportive environment where students can thrive and grow.
    • Foster a learning-centered approach campus-wide.
    • Emphasize excellence and innovation in all programs.
    • Continue to recruit and retain excellent faculty and staff.

    Community with a Shared Vision

    Marianopolis will reaffirm itself as a cohesive and caring community, a network of educators with diverse skills and perspectives who are interconnected by their shared pursuit of the Mission and Vision in service to society. Our goals in this direction are:

    • Enhance our climate of collegiality, emphasizing collaboration, positivity, transparency and respect.
    • Renew a sense of investment, ownership and love for the institution.
    • Establish deeper connections and expanded partnerships with the external community.


    Marianopolis will build on its rich heritage by positioning itself to thrive as a small independent college committed to excellence and accessibility in all its forms. Our goals in this direction are:

    • Strengthen our recruitment messages to reinforce the College’s reputation and unique value proposition.
    • Ensure that tuition and financial support for students enable Marianopolis to remain viable and accessible.
    • Enhance the attractiveness and accessibility of our campus.
  • Student Success Plan 2015-2020

    Marianopolis College’s Plan for Success 2015-2020 affirms the College’s commitment to academic success along four paths:

    • Improve first-term success
      Given the importance of supporting students’ transition from high school to set the groundwork for a successful college experience, Marianopolis places a special focus on developing measures that improve success in the first term.
    • Improve success in specific programs and courses
      In an effort to reinforce success, retention and graduation rates, Marianopolis focuses on teaching, learning and support services related to those courses courses and disciplines with a pass rate that is below the College average.
    • Increase eligibility for preferred university and program
      The College aims to improve students’ understanding of university options to ensure that they are well-equipped to make decisions about their future education, thus increasing their eligibility for their preferred program and university.
    • Enhance student engagement
      Marianopolis seeks to enhance student engagement in enriching activities outside the classroom that foster personal and intellectual growth and enrich their overall college experience.