Strategic Plan

With this 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, Marianopolis aims to be the pre-university college of choice for motivated students because it will provide:

Incomparable academic programs

Reviewing and strengthening our academic offering to create a distinctive Marianopolis identity for each program.

Ensuring that each program provides clear pathways to and rigorous preparation for university.

Enhancing our physical and digital environments to better support innovative pedagogy.


Unique opportunities for self-development and empowerment

Caring for our students’ mental health through a strengths-based approach that fosters resilience and skill building.

Developing our university- and career-exploration initiatives through connections with alumni and community partners.

Creating rewarding opportunities for students to engage with today’s most pressing societal and environmental issues.


Unparalleled experiences within a welcoming campus

Ensuring our services and processes are more accessible, efficient, cohesive and student-centered.

Improving and expanding spaces on campus where students can study, collaborate and socialize.

Fostering opportunities for our personnel to enrich their skills and expertise in support of our programs and our students.