Each year, Marianopolis College students gain entry to the world’s top universities. Some 90 percent of recent graduates are studying in their first-choice program, many right here in Montreal, while others are at renowned schools across the globe. This year is no exception, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is what a few members of the Class of 2021 achieved and what they loved about Marianopolis.


High school:
home schooled (English Montreal School Board)

Hometown: Montreal

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: I was happy to serve as the student member of the Academic Council’s Admissions Committee and I was very involved with the MSU External Affairs Committee as well. I was a mentor in the Mentor Program and actively engaged in the Law Society and Debate Society. I was granted the 2021 Smith Family Loran Provincial Award.

Accepted at: McGill University

Will attend: McGill

Plans for university studies/career: I will be entering Pre-Law in the fall. I intend to dedicate my efforts in the legal field toward family and constitutional law. My aspiration is to make a positive and tangible impact in these areas of law by working with members of vulnerable and precarious communities in need of legal aid.

Best Marianopolis memory: Although I cherish too many memories from my time at Marianopolis to name, I will always treasure the close friendships I developed with some of my classmates and the great times we had conversing, debating and laughing together.

Favourite class or professor: All of my professors changed me for the better and shaped the student I am today, albeit in very different ways. I particularly appreciated Professor Leon Berdichevsky, who provided me with the encouragement and framework through which to explore fascinating literary texts from diverse perspectives. Professor Lily Soucy was not only extremely kind, but inspired me to expand the horizons of my knowledge in French. I was very fortunate to have taken Introduction to Studio Art with Professor Eva Brandl, as her passion for the arts allowed me to realize my own vision in many different projects. Last but definitely not least, I greatly appreciated Professor Riccardo Catalano’s dedication and sense of humour.


High school:
Selwyn House

Hometown: Westmount

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom:​ I’ve always been a committed debater and as a student at Marianopolis, I was an avid participant in the debate team.

Accepted at: Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania

Will attend: Princeton

Plans for university studies/career: I’m planning to study Computer Science or Applied Mathematics. I’m still undecided on my career interests but am very interested in data science.

Best Marianopolis memory: Attending a socially distanced class of Strangers, Gods and Monsters taught by Professor Vanessa Sasson and getting to meet classmates certainly tops the list. About 10 of us gathered at Marianopolis at separate desks for the period. Once the class was over, we got to meet Professor Sasson and each other for the first time. It was definitely a great experience, and I loved getting to go to class.

Favourite class or professor: Enriched Calculus II with Professor Lim.


High school:

Hometown: Montreal

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: MariFilms; props and set designer for the Marianopolis Theatre Company; winner of 2020 ArtsFest logo competition; illustrator for the yearbook and the first edition of MariLit magazine; first-place Visual Arts Award ArtsFest 2021.

Accepted at: Concordia University, Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCADU)

Will attend: OCADU

Plans for university studies/career: With a Bachelor’s of Fine arts at OCADU (Drawing & Painting: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation), I hope to utilize new techniques to push my creative limits. Whatever field it may be, I want to create artwork that embodies, questions and represents the human experience.

Best Marianopolis memory: Meeting wonderful and passionate people who I am fortunate enough to call my friends

Favourite class or professor:  Professors Sylvain Pagé and Sabine Walser


High school:
Lower Canada College

Hometown: Hampstead

Other area of study: Environmental Studies Certificate

Accepted at: Duke University, Harvard University, McGill University, Northwestern University, Yale University

Will attend: Yale

Plans for university studies/career: Double majoring in Philosophy and  EPE (Ethics, Politics and Economics), with an ultimate career goal of becoming a leader within the effective altruism movement

Best Marianopolis memory: Tuesday morning floor hockey during my first semester!

Favourite class or professor: The enthusiasm and energy that Professor Di Flumeri brought to his Biology I class made the course both enjoyable and enriching.


High school:
École Secondaire Dalbé-Viau

Hometown: LaSalle

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Law, Society and Justice Certificate with Distinction; Women’s Cabaret 2019 and 2020 co-organizer, co-host and performer; Debate Society; Law Society; Hallyu singer, dancer and singing teacher; Mari’s Got Talent singer; Spoken Word Club and one of the College’s representatives at the 2019 Quebec Association of Student Activities & Programming Stand Up & Slam Spoken Word Competition and the 2020 Intercollegiate Virtual Singing Competition (voted “Fan Favourite”)

Accepted at: McGill University, Université de Montréal, University of Ottawa

Will attend: McGill

Plans for university studies/career: Bachelor of Civil Law and Juris Doctor. During my university studies, I plan to get involved in a wide range of legal clinic/pro-bono work. I am interested in many areas of law, but I hope to eventually practice litigation, particularly in family law, immigration law, civil rights/international human rights law and technology and intellectual property law.

Best Marianopolis memory: I have had countless awesome experiences, all of which I treasure dearly. I will always cherish the camaraderie and fun moments I had with my fellow Liberal Arts classmates, as well as the stimulating and insightful conversations and debates we had in our classes together. I also enjoyed the Hallyu rehearsals and performing in the end-of-year show alongside so many talented and dedicated members. I thank the College for having offered me a lot of opportunities to express and explore my passion for singing and dancing while pursuing my studies within a dynamic, inspiring and inclusive learning community.

Favourite class or professor: All the professors I had were amazing,and I truly enjoyed every class. I especially loved the classes of Professors Maurice Dufour, Dolores Chew, Veronica Ponce, Vanessa Sasson and Andrew Lefcoe, all of whom were admirably brilliant, motivating and supportive.


High school:
Collège Charlemagne

Hometown: Pierrefonds

Any awards or distinctions: AURA Award for community involvement

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Marianopolis for Red Cross (founding president); Canadian Red Cross (volunteer); Marianopolis Research Team (founding executive); PaperCut newspaper (executive)

Accepted at: McGill University, Queen’s University, Université de Montréal

Will attend: McGill

Plans for university studies/career: I will be entering Dent-P in the fall. I plan to become a dentist and simultaneously pursue a career in research.

Best Marianopolis memory: Playing soccer after school on Friday nights and launching different initiatives for my student clubs!

Favourite class or professor: There so many phenomenal professors at Marianopolis. Notably, Professors Andrew McCambridge (English 103 and 104), Kareen Latour (History of Western Civilization), Ursula Oberholzer (Enriched Biology II) and Daniel Williams (Chemistry I) were incredibly helpful and a joy to learn from.


High school:
Collège Jean-de-la-Mennais

Hometown: Zhao Qing, China

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: ArtsFest (winner of Honorable Mention in Performance Arts and Creative Writing, submission of my integrative project); Theatre group (a main character in the production of Circle Mirror Transformation); MariFilms (actress in Minor Adjustments); Marianopolis Literary Magazine (editor); Open House (student speaker).

Accepted at: Concordia University, McGill University

Will attend: McGill

Plans for university studies/career: Major in English Literature, double minor in Art History and Philosophy. I’ve always loved to read and to analyze literature – in particular, classic English literature – so my dream is to obtain a PhD in English Literature and/or Art History and become an English Literature/Art History professor.

Best Marianopolis memory: I’ve had many amazing memories,  including the A-300 area with my friends and classmates, but my all-time favorite memory is filming Minor Adjustments with MariFilms after class hours. It was a great bonding experience to film and produce a short film all while studying for winter finals.

Favourite class or professor: Professor Sylvain Pagé has the ability to make any class interesting and fun, so I really enjoyed Perspectives courses and Chansons Françaises with him. Professor Kate Sheckler is so wise. I learned a lot about writing in her Science Fiction course. Professor Vanessa Sasson is a powerful storyteller and her Humanities course really impacted me as well.


High school:
Collège Jean-Eudes

Hometown: Montreal

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Silver Key student ambassador; Marianopolis Broadcast Network (executive producer); national finalist at Canadian Music Competition

Accepted at: Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, New England Conservatory

Will attend: Peabody on a Premier Talent Scholarship

Plans for university studies/career: I will be pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance, possibly with a minor in another program. I don’t know which minor specifically, but I plan to become a professional orchestral violinist and hopefully a concertmaster one day.

Best Marianopolis memory: Hanging out with friends at the Cafeteria.

Favourite class or professor: All the teachers I’ve had were phenomenal but the ones who impacted me the most are my music teachers: Professors Lillian Heron, Nancy Berman, Hugh Cawker and Sheila Hannigan. I would also like to thank my violin teacher, Professor Richard Roberts, concertmaster of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, who has always supported me in every decision I made and shaped me into the violinist I am today. I feel privileged to have him as my mentor.


High School:
Lower Canada College

Hometown: Hampstead, Ville Saint Laurent

Other area of study: Law, Society and Justice Certificate with Distinction, International Studies Certificate

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal; recipient of Marianopolis Environmental Entrance Scholarship; Marianopolis Green Team Advocacy Group member;  MariEntrepreneurs co-president; Hillel Marianopolis co-president; Marianopolis Debate Team member; Best Cross/Direct Examination, Marianopolis Law Society Online Mock Trial; TEDxMarianopolis, Head of Partnerships and Sponsorship.

Accepted at: Concordia University, McGill University

Will attend: McGill

Career aspirations: Pursuing a legal education and working as a lawyer specializing in intellectual property law or cyber security law.

Best Marianopolis memory: Extracurricular involvement greatly enriched my Marianopolis experience. Some of my best memories are from club collaborations when I had the opportunity to meet and work with different students and professionals and from competing in mock trials with new friends.

Favourite classes: I enjoyed so many of my classes and was fortunate to have had some excellent professors multiple times, including Rebecca Bird, Stuart Kruger, Rebecca Lee and Vitaly Terekhov. Some of my favourite classes were Topics in Political Science: Politics of Climate Change with Professor Lee, Understanding Power with Professor Maurice Dufour, Creative Writing with Professor Kate Sheckler and Latin American Worldviews: Mestizo Mind with Professor Sophia Koutsoyannis.


High school:
The Study

Hometown: Montreal

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Badminton team; Global Brigades, Marianopolis Student Union Executive of Internal Affairs; Hallyu Club; peer tutor; Alliance Sport-Études mentor.

Accepted at: McGill University, Université de Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke

Will attend: McGill

Plans for university studies/career: Medicine, of course! I’m not too sure about which type of residency yet but pediatrics and obstetrics are definitely on my radar.

Best Marianopolis memory: Studying at the Library either on my own or with my friends! The Marianopolis library is beautiful and it offers a comfortable space to study both independently or in small groups.

Favourite class or professor: I was lucky enough to snatch a spot in Professor Megan Newell’s Introduction to College English during my first semester and I loved it so much that I took her for my second and third semester! Professor Claudia D’Abramo’s Biology I further fueled my passion for Biology. Professor Andrew Burton’s Business Communications class, where he taught students how to write CVs, cover letters, etc., definitely came in handy when I was applying to universities and jobs.

Anything else: I have been named Pan American Junior Champion and U23 National Champion in badminton. My training schedule was often really rigid. Thanks to its partnership with the Alliance Sport-Études, Marianopolis provided the lovely accommodation for student-athletes of priority access in choosing our schedules each semester to fit our training schedules. Also, my competitive badminton tournaments often took place on weekdays and so I would miss classes and sometimes even quizzes and midterms. Luckily, both the academic advisors and the teachers were always very flexible and understanding. They always provided exceptional solutions.