The Marianopolis College Student Success Plan  is an integral part of our community’s formal commitment to our students’ academic excellence and personal development. It establishes goals for fostering and improving student success in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular spheres. The Plan consists of three pillars:

Transition to college: Support students in their transition from high school by providing them with the information and tools to succeed in their first semester; help them integrate and develop a sense of belonging in their program and in the College.

Support throughout studies: Respond to the diversity of students’ needs as they progress in their studies by providing them with opportunities for exploration, learning, achievement, and growth.

Preparation for university: Institute opportunities for students to define their educational path, prepare for university applications, and learn the skills and knowledge to thrive in their future studies.

Student Success Profile

The Marianopolis College Student Success Profile is a reference in the development of all our programs, initiatives, and services that guide us in supporting our students in their pursuit of excellence across various dimensions of the student experience. The Profile centers on an understanding of the student as a whole person and recognizes that student success is a responsibility shared by the College and the students themselves. The student’s self-development is the central component in the definition of success. Personal growth both results from, and contributes to, sustained and progressive engagement with three main areas: academics, peers and the College community, and society. Success is defined as the corresponding development and sharpening of knowledge, attitudes, and skills in each of these domains.