Faculty and staff

As Director General of Marianopolis, I am proud to welcome you to the College. Whether you are a prospective or current student, a parent or a member of our alumni community, I invite you to explore this website and learn more about Marianopolis.

Founded in 1908 by the Congrégation de Notre-Dame, the College lays claim to a rich heritage, an unparalleled record of academic achievement and a well-earned reputation as a welcoming place for motivated young people. We provide our students with a rigorous and enriching educational experience while helping them gain admission to their first-choice program in the world’s top universities. Our graduates form a global network of experts in their fields who share a commitment to making positive contributions to their diverse communities and to our society as a whole.

As a former faculty member, staff member and Academic Dean here at the College, I am honoured to lead a community with so rich a past and so dynamic a present. My focus is on supporting our faculty, staff and administrators as they channel their tremendous energy and dedication toward our mission and vision and the four areas of focus embodied in the 2021-2026 Marianopolis College Strategic Plan: incomparable academic programs, unique opportunities for self-development and empowerment, unparalleled experiences within a welcoming campus, and recognized leadership within the college network.

These priorities shape our actions, both in our day-to-day interactions with students and in our long-term projects. I thank you for choosing Marianopolis and welcome you to our community.


Christian Corno
Director General


Excellence in Teaching Profile

Our Excellence in Teaching Profile, unique in the college system, recognizes the distinctive values shared by its faculty that make the Marianopolis educational experience exceptional, and provides a framework for supporting teachers in their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Teacher with Students
Teaching with passion
Manifesting respect for students’ ability to succeed
Fostering a motivating and safe learning environment
Setting high academic expectations, providing support
Promoting the development of higher learning skills

Teacher with Subject Matter
Ensuring course coherence
Designing for learning
Integrating up-to-date knowledge
Contextualizing knowledge

Teacher with Peers and College Community
Collaborating with peers
Manifesting respect
Demonstrating professional judgment and integrity
Leveraging institutional knowledge
Participating actively in College life
Promoting social and environmental responsibility

Teacher with Self
Developing knowledge of self
Demonstrating proactive self-reflection
Exhibiting openness to change
Showing continuous improvement

Excellence in Teaching Award

Each year, staff, faculty and current and former students nominate recipients for the Excellence in Teaching Award. Meet our past winners:

2023: Christopher Turner, Mathematics
Since joining the College in 2006, Professor Turner has provided students with a supportive and engaging learning environment to explore complex mathematical concepts. His ability to connect mathematics to real world scenarios has helped countless students discover their academic interests and career pathways. Professor Turner’s capacity to assess student needs, provide personalized support and identify valuable learning opportunities have been crucial resources for his colleagues, notably when he was faculty lead for the Science program revision.

2022: Alain Léger, Mathematics
During his more than 25 years at the College, Professor Léger’s passion for teaching has inspired generations of students to love math. He is renowned among students and graduates for his ability to humanize his subject matter and to connect with each and every learner through empathy, patience and, most memorably, humour. Professor Léger is recognized by his colleagues as a model educator and a supportive mentor to younger faculty, whose genuine care for students and involvement in departmental activities has left an indelible mark on Marianopolis.

2020: Andrew Burton, English
Since joining the College in 2010, Professor Burton has researched, demystified and implemented Universal Design for Learning, a pedagogical framework that helps teachers more effectively respond to students’ diverse learning styles. He has also supported the continuous professional development of his fellow faculty members by fostering a peer observation and mentorship program, which consists of teachers observing and learning from each other in everyday classroom situations.

2019: Kareen Latour, History
Since she began teaching at the College in 2004, Professor Latour has embodied the Marianopolis mission, encouraging her students to “pursue academic excellence, become self-directed lifelong learners and make positive contributions to their communities and the world.” Her enthusiasm and dedication for fostering global citizenship is exemplified in her longtime mentorship of the award-winning Marianopolis Model United Nations Team.

2018: Tamara Zakon, Mathematics
During her nearly 50 years of teaching at the College, Professor Zakon helped shape Marianopolis into the institution that it is today. One of only four women in her graduating class at Harvard University, she went on to nurture generations of students, hire and mentor dozens of young teachers and serve diligently on various administrative and governing bodies of the College.