Fostering success

At Marianopolis, our aim is to deliver a transformative educational experience that prepares young adults to succeed at university and beyond. One of the ways we ease the transition from high school to higher education is by supporting the essential role that parents play in fostering student success. Here are tips on how to help your Marianopolis student succeed and make the most of their college experience.

Be curious

Ask open-ended questions: what they are learning in their courses? What kind of work they are doing? Are they experiencing any challenges or difficulties? Discuss what university programs and careers interest them, whether they are involved in activities outside class and whether they have made new friends.

Expect change

College is a time of transformation and self-discovery. Promote flexibility in how they approach decisions and choices. Knowing that you are there to support them will help them better cope with any challenges they may face.

Support autonomy

Adapting to college life can be challenging. Recognizing their own strengths and weaknesses and learning how to ask for help are important skills for students to develop. Encourage them to make use of teachers’ virtual office hours and to seek help from the variety of support services available to them.

The Student Guide offers detailed information on how to reach individual departments and book appointments. Students can discuss their program, courses or university applications with an Academic Advisor; explore career choices or personal issues with Counsellors; get support in English or French literacy from the Writing Centre; receive individualized support from the Math Monitor; find a peer tutor for help with coursework; improve their research and citation skills with the help of Librarians; meet with the Adapted Services Counsellor to discuss accommodations if they qualify; learn about tuition-relief options with the Financial Aid Clerk, and more. These support services are included in the tuition fees and can be easily accessed online.

Remind them to stay informed

Omnivox is a web-based platform where students can access important documents from the College, messages from their teachers and staff, information about their courses and important dates and deadlines. Through Omnivox, students also access LÉA, the class-management platform, where they find information about their courses such as outlines and instructions, as well as assignments and grades on individual evaluations throughout the semester. Omnivox is also where final grades are posted at the end of each semester. Remind them to consult Omnivox daily.

Students should also consult the Student Guide for information about the online platforms used for their courses, how to conduct themselves in a remote teaching environment, academic skills, how to access support services and much more. The guide is updated throughout the semester.

Encourage them to get involved

Enrichment and extracurricular activities offer important learning opportunities that complement more formal education. Such activities promote self-discovery and help students develop and strengthen skills such as leadership, creativity, goal-setting, teamwork, time management and problem-solving while contributing to a sense of belonging and providing the opportunity to explore new interests. During the Fall 2020 semester, students can participate in many activities in a virtual format. This allows them to hone their online communication skills and increase their facility with online platforms and standards. Learn more about student life and enrichment opportunities and the Marianopolis Student Union.