Communicating with the College

One of the many differences between high school and college is a shift in ways that the institution communicates with students and parents. The College cannot legally share with parents of students age 18 or older any personal or academic information, including grades and attendance, without the student’s written authorization. The College takes the same approach for students under 18 as well. Every Marianopolis student is considered a young adult responsible for all aspects of their academic life.

Grades on individual pieces of work are posted by teachers throughout the semester in Omnivox. Final grades also appear in Omnivox at the end of each semester. Report cards are not issued. Students may request an official transcript of their grades at any time through Omnivox. The Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Student Achievement (IPESA) contains information about academic standing and probation.

When concerns arise, the College reaches out to students to provide support and options. While Marianopolis cannot give parents information directly, appointments can be made where both the parent(s) and student are present so that issues of concern can be discussed. Inquiries should be addressed to the Office of the Associate Dean, Student Success, by email at, not to individual teachers.