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The Marianopolis Science Program is designed to provide the best possible preparation for university study in scientific fields, centered around a concentration of courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. A student’s choice of profile in either Health Science or Pure and Applied Science, as well as Honours profiles for each, is determined by preferences and the pre-requisites of the desired university program of studies. To support incoming students, former Science students have created a helpful guide. Learn more…

Enriched courses

Students in the Science Program benefit from opportunities for enrichment in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. They choose these courses based on their personal interests. A certain number of enriched courses are a requirement for the Honours Science Profile.

While course work is more challenging, Honours students take the same final exams as do students in regular sections and classes are grouped with regular classes when calculating the R-Score. The Registrar’s Office provides an attestation certifying that a student has taken enriched courses. Here are the courses offered:

Discipline Courses Offered
Biology 101-NYA-05* fall and winter
Biology 101-LCU-05* fall and winter
Chemistry 202-NYA-05* fall
Chemistry 202-NYB-05* winter
Mathematics 201-LCX-05 fall
Mathematics 201-NYA-05 fall
Mathematics 201-NYB-05 winter
Mathematics 201-NYC-05 fall
Physics 203-NYA-05 fall and winter
Physics 203-NYC-05 fall
Physics 203-NYB-05 winter