Each year, Marianopolis College students gain entry to the world’s top universities. Some ninety percent of recent graduates are studying in their first-choice program, many right here in Montreal, while others are at renowned schools across the globe. Here is what a few members of the Class of 2019 achieved and what they loved about Marianopolis.

Guillaume Bouchard

Honours Pure and Applied Science

High school:
École secondaire polyvalente de L’Ancienne-Lorette

Hometown: Saint-Louis-de-Lotbinière, QC

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Sex & Gender Club (founder);  Marianopolis Model UN (organizer); peer tutor; Debate Society; Marianopolis World Review (editor);  Gender and Sex/uality Studies Certificate; Class of 2019 Valedictorian

Accepted at: Harvard University, McGill University, University of British Columbia as a Loran finalist, University of Pennsylvania as a World Scholar, University of Toronto as a Skule Scholar, Yale University

Will attend: Harvard

Plans for university studies/career: Environmental Science and Engineering, possibly with Gender and Women’s Studies or Education. I plan to work as an engineer, educator, journalist and political activist.

Best Marianopolis memory: the hustle and bustle of organizing and attending Model UN conferences with the talented people who proudly call themselves MariMUNers; the beautiful moments spent in conversation with my fellow Sex & Gender nerds

Favourite class or professor: among the many amazing courses I’ve taken are: Making Montreal, with Professor Megan Spriggs, which introduced me to and made me fall in love with the city; Biking with Professor Tony Iachetta, which made me see different parts of it; Social Inequalities with Rebecca Bird, which gave me an understanding of its imperfections; Calculus I and III with Christopher Turner and Calculus II with Véronique Godin, which gave me an appreciation for mathematics; Biostatistics with Ursula Oberholzer and Topics in Applied Physics and Astrophysics with Dominique Paradis, which all made me appreciate the value of Excel

David Cao
Health Science

High school:
Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf

Hometown: Hampstead

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Marianopolis Student Union (President); Marianopolis Model UN (Under-Secretary General of Crises); Young Liberals of Marianopolis; College committees, including the Board of Governors

Will attend: Harvard (early decision)

Plans for university studies/career: undecided. Biology? Government? Economics?

Best Marianopolis memory: meeting and making new friends at the beginning of my first year

Favourite class or professor: Organic Chemistry I with Professor Angela Keane, Media Ethics with Professor Sarah Brand, Introduction to International Relations by Marek Brzezinski

Neil Cordingley
Social Science (Psychology)

High school:
Externat Sacré-Coeur

Hometown: Rosemère

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Marianopolis Student Union (Coordinator of Social Activities); Papercut student newspaper (executive); Humans of Marianopolis photoblog (director); Mental Health Awareness Taskforce (student representative on College committee); Gender and Sex/uality Studies Certificate

Accepted at: Emerson College, Goldsmiths University of London, King’s College London, Loughborough University, McGill University, Stanford University, University of Southern California, University of the Arts London

Will attend: Stanford

Plans for university studies/career: I plan on exploring communication, computer science, product design and art practice. With these interests in mind, I am considering a career in social impact marketing

Best Marianopolis memory: My two years serving on the Marianopolis Student Union alongside my fellow Congress members who became more than just amazing friends—they became like family

Favorite class or professor: Gendered World Views with Professor Sarah Brand and my four English classes with Professor Megan Newell

Sarah Frances

Health Science

High school:
The Sacred Heart School of Montreal

Hometown: Town of Mount Royal

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Women’s Volleyball Team;  executive of MEDLIFE; Marianopolis First Aid Team; The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation Club; Silver Key student ambassador

Accepted at: George Washington University, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, McGill University, Tulane University, University of Toronto, Western University

Will attend: Tulane

Plans for university studies/career: after I complete my undergraduate studies in public health and finance, with a minor in Spanish, I plan to earn a Master’s degree in public health as well as my MBA and eventually work in health-care administration or in the medical field

Best Marianopolis memory: the time I got to spend with amazing friends through being part of MEDLIFE and shadowing health-care professionals in the villages of Peru

Favourite class or professor:  I really enjoyed Spanish I and II with Professor David Escamilla and this pushed me to continue learning Spanish outside the classroom

Tatiana Grach

High school:
Lower Canada College

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Accepted at: Manhattan School of Music, Roosevelt University ($10,000 grant)

Plans for university studies/career: I plan to complete an undergraduate degree in Classical Voice Performance. I then hope to pursue a Master’s of Music in Opera Studies

Best Marianopolis memory: spending time with the incredibly talented and kind people I’ve met during my studies

Favourite class or professor: Ethical Issues in Colonial Latin America with Professor Sophia Koutsoyannis, E.T. and Theory with Professor Lillian Heron, Western Civilization with Professor Kareen Latour, Early Modern Knowledge with Professor Sarah Brand and Music Literature with Professor Nancy Berman

Aëla Janvier

Health Science

High school:
Collège Sainte-Anne

Hometown: Pointe Claire

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: thanks to the College’s partnership with Alliance Sport-Études, I was able to compete at the 2018 World Championships in Hangzhou, China, where I placed 7th in the 4×100 medley relay. Also, I was named Female High Point award winner at the Canadian Junior Championships. Marianopolis  always ensured that I was able to accommodate my busy schedule with my academic ambition. Whether it was pre-registering for my courses or finding a date to make up exams I had missed due to my competitive swimming, the College wanted me to succeed both in the classroom and the pool

Will attend: University of Southern California (scholarship)

Plans for university studies/career: to study biomedical engineering with a pre-medicine emphasis. After my studies, I would love to work at McKinsey & Company for a couple years before pursuing an engineering career

Best Marianopolis memory: I honestly could not pinpoint my favorite memory. My Marianopolis experience has passed by so fast and turned into a blur, due to the amazing friendships I have made over my two years here. Every single laugh and smile were because of the people surrounding me; as much as this may sound cliché, I know these friendships will last a lifetime

Favourite class or professor: hands down my two French classes with Professor Sylvain Pagé. I also loved my English classes with Professor Megan Newell. I was not the best writer when I started Marianopolis but I succeeded thanks to her availability, her love for the material she was teaching, as well as her willingness to always help her students

Maiuri Maheswaran

 Honours Health Science

High school:
Kuper Academy

Hometown: Pierrefonds

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: member of various clubs, including the Marianopolis First Aid Team and Sun Youth; winner of the Marianopolis Science Fair; recipient of $5,000 Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies internship grant for my research “Identifying Biomarkers to Personalize Medication for Particular Diseases”

Will attend: McGill University (Neuroscience)

Plans for university studies/career: a career in medicine

Best Marianopolis memory: meeting wonderful people who come from various backgrounds and creating friendships that will last me a lifetime

Favourite class or professor: Biology II with Professor Ursula Oberholzer, Stress Management with Professor Annie Jeannet, Electricity and Magnetism with Professor Marcel Sankeralli and Honours Science Mentor Professor Daniel Williams

Lakshmi Roy

Pure and Applied Science

High school:
Marymount Academy International

Hometown: Lasalle

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: recipient of 2018 AURA award, given annually by the Association des collèges privés du Québec to students who have distinguished themselves by engaging in their community in an outstanding manner; executive of Urmul Trust Club, which raises money to provide education for underprivileged girls in India; founder of the Spoken Word Club; Silver Key student ambassador; Papercut student newspaper (writer)

Accepted at:  Concordia University (Mechanical Engineering), McGill University (Computer Science)

Will attend: McGill Computer Science

Plans for university studies/career: I enjoy Computer Science but I also have a passion for teaching! I will do a minor in English literature so I can become an English professor after a couple years of having a career in Computer Science.

Best Marianopolis memory: every Join-a-Club Day! Some of my closest friends have come from meeting in clubs or at club events. Every Join-a-Club Day is an opportunity to meet more like-minded people.

Favourite class or professor: although I have loved all my professors, one who stood out for me is Professor Vanessa Sasson. You can really tell when a person is passionate about their profession and Professor Sasson’s enthusiasm always radiates during and outside of class!

Ali Tahmasebi

Pure and Applied Science

High school:
École Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Hometown: La Prairie

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: recipient of $5,000 Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies internship grant for my research “Clustering Algorithms Implementation,” after completing an internship in a Machine Learning lab at Concordia University

Accepted at:  McGill University (Computer Engineering, Computer Science), Polytechnique Montreal (Computer Engineering), Western Ontario University (Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science)

Will attend: McGill

Plans for university studies/career: I am fascinated by computers and what can be done with them. I want to use my skills to help improve public transit in Montreal and to give back to the town that welcomed me. First, I plan to spend a year studying at The University of Tokyo

Best Marianopolis memory: getting first place at MariHacks with two of my friends after staying up all night to work on a machine learning summarizer algorithm

Favorite class or professor: Professor Lily Soucy’s Littérature Migrante was so rich and captivating that when I look back, I am surprised by how much I learned about everything! Also, I had the honour to taking Professor Matthieu Dayon for all of my three required Physics classes and, even though I liked Physics before, I never enjoyed Physics so much. Those classes completely changed my career choice and I started participating in every Physics competition and hackathon I could. Professor Dayon makes his classes astonishingly interesting.

Xintian “Jenny” Xu

Honours Pure and Applied Science

High school:
Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School

Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Accepted at: Boston University, Courtauld Institute of Art, Georgia Institute of Technology,  McGill University, University College London, University of Manchester, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Warwick University

Will attend: Courtauld, University College London or McGill

Plans for university studies/career: I’m deciding between two options — Art History, because I am interested in museum studies and curation, or Computer Science with a minor in Art History

Best Marianopolis memory: The best part about Marianopolis is that I got to meet so many people who are all working hard to achieve their dreams. I learned so much from the people I study with and I grew as a person in every aspect by just being in such a wonderful environment

Favourite class or professor: I’ve enjoyed Linear Algebra with Professor Wee Keong Lim, Truth with Professor Selena Liss, English with Professor Susan Pedersen and Women, Art and Society with Professor Deena Sacks. My teachers were so inspiring and knowledgeable and I learned a lot from them in many ways.