Strategic Plan

Marianopolis College will be known as the leader in pre-university studies in Quebec, a place where outstanding students, faculty and staff share a commitment to academic excellence and personal growth. Student-centered learning, personalized attention and community spirit will prevail across the campus. A Marianopolis education will be recognized as a unique and transformative experience that instills students with a lifelong love of learning. Thus, the College’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan focuses on three core strategic directions:

Transformative Education

Marianopolis will provide a transformative educational experience through a holistic and learning-centered approach that prepares students for success at university and sparks a lifelong love of learning. Our goals in this direction are:

  • Continue to provide a dynamic and supportive environment where students can thrive and grow.
  • Foster a learning-centered approach campus-wide.
  • Emphasize excellence and innovation in all programs.
  • Continue to recruit and retain excellent faculty and staff.

Community with a Shared Vision

Marianopolis will reaffirm itself as a cohesive and caring community, a network of educators with diverse skills and perspectives who are interconnected by their shared pursuit of the Mission and Vision in service to society. Our goals in this direction are:

  • Enhance our climate of collegiality, emphasizing collaboration, positivity, transparency and respect.
  • Renew a sense of investment, ownership and love for the institution.
  • Establish deeper connections and expanded partnerships with the external community.


Marianopolis will build on its rich heritage by positioning itself to thrive as a small independent college committed to excellence and accessibility in all its forms. Our goals in this direction are:

  • Strengthen our recruitment messages to reinforce the College’s reputation and unique value proposition.
  • Ensure that tuition and financial support for students enable Marianopolis to remain viable and accessible.
  • Enhance the attractiveness and accessibility of our campus.