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Why pay for private?


Why pay for college when CEGEP education is virtually free? There are many compelling reasons and they boil down to these three main ideas:

Excellence. Recognized as Quebec’s premiere pre-university college, Marianopolis boasts an unparalleled ability to consistently graduate students on time and have some 90 percent of them gain acceptance to their first-choice school among the world’s top universities, many of them in their first-choice program. Marianopolis is proud of its well-earned century-old track record of peerless educational excellence and of its commitment to being accessible, as stated in the College’s Mission statement. Tuition is often lower than that of many private secondary schools and, unlike in private secondary schools, it is eligible for federal and provincial tax credits. The College offers scholarships and financial aid, based on need as well as merit.

Choice. As a private institution, Marianopolis gets to choose. Marianopolis chooses its faculty – and they are top-notch. Marianopolis also chooses its students and they, too, are exceptional: the College proudly welcomes a culturally and economically diverse student body of about 2,000 of the top graduates from high schools, public and private, English and French, from across the province and abroad. Marianopolis also chooses to have an average class size that is about 25 percent smaller than at public colleges. In addition, students benefit from an open-door policy – for example, those taking Math and Science courses can seek support from not only their own teachers but all teachers who teach the same course.

The Marianopolis Edge. The College does something else that public schools cannot: Marianopolis gives its students the immeasurable advantage of having been admitted to a student-centered school where the focus is exclusively on pre-university studies and where every person and every resource is dedicated to student success in the classroom and beyond.

imagesMarianopolis is proud to be a member of the Association des collèges privés du Québec, a network of schools that educate young people throughout the province.

As a private college, Marianopolis can never compete with public schools on price. But there is no competing with what Marianopolis delivers, year after year, one student at a time. In short, a Marianopolis education is a great investment with promising and proven returns.