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Stepping stone to the world’s top universities

Each year, Marianopolis College students gain entry to the world’s top universities. Eight out of ten recent graduates are studying in their first-choice program, right here in Montreal, while others are at renowned schools across the globe. Here is what some members of the Class of 2017 achieved and what they loved about Marianopolis. Also check out our latest report on university admissions.

Holly Faria '17

Name: Holly Faria

High school: Lower Canada College

Hometown: Town of Mount Royal

Area of study: Music

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Marianopolis Hallyu

Accepted at: Berklee College of Music, McGill University Schulich School of Music, both with entrance scholarships

Plans for university studies/career: soundtrack composing

Best Marianopolis memory: torn between two years of Hallyu and the strong bonds in the Music program – especially all the late-night recording sessions

Favourite class or professor: Music Technology and Voice Lab specifically but professor-wise the whole Music faculty (including the McGill teachers, too)!

Jordan Kassouf ’17 steppingstoneName: Jordan Kassouf

High school: Howard S. Billings Regional High School

Hometown: Châteauguay

Area of study: Health Science

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: peer tutor

Accepted at: McGill University’s Biochemistry Program

Plans for university studies/career: to ultimately complete a doctoral degree in biochemistry

Best Marianopolis memory: discovering the open and friendly learning environment. In addition to teacher office hours, the College facilitates student learning by offering a diversity of spaces for students to work. With several study area spaces available, any student can find a place that suits them best. Moreover, apart from being easily accessible when you need help, teachers make an effort to get to know their students

Favorite class or professor: without a doubt Molecular Genetics with Professor Stewart Daly. Dr. Daly is an amazing teacher who teaches you to work and think toward the answers for your questions. He is always very clear and makes an effort to ensure that everyone understands his material

Silas Latchem '17Name: Silas Latchem

High school: Westwood Senior High School

Hometown: Hudson

Area of study: Pure and Applied Science

Accepted at: Whitman College, University of British Columbia, University of Ottawa

Will attend: University of British Columbia

Plans for university studies/career: undergraduate degree in Biology, then graduate school

Favourite class or professor: Biology I and II with Dr. Stewart Daly

Jiasi Liu '17

Name: Jiasi Liu

High school: Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School

Hometown: Montreal

Area of study: Pure and Applied Science

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Congress (Coordinator of Social Justice), Marianopolis Debate Society (President), The PaperCut student newspaper (Managing Editor)

Accepted at: Sciences Po, University of Toronto (Trinity College, Honors Philosophy), McGill Arts and Science, McGill Arts

Will attend: Sciences Po

Plans for university studies/career: Euro-American relations and international politics. I am planning on going into law but I would ultimately like to pursue academia.

Best Marianopolis memory: Hosting Aristotle Cup, an annual high school debate tournament, with my incredible exec team and organizing an Art & Activism workshop with Montreal feminist artist Ambivalently Yours. In particular, I attended Aristotle Cup in Grade 10 as my first debate tournament and it was nice to come full circle with the activity that first sparked my interest in the social sciences

Favourite class or professor: Media Ethics with Sarah Waurechen, Third World Politics with Rebecca Lee, Mechanics with Rachel Faust and History of Western Civilization with Marek Brzezinski

Olivia Mappin-Kasirer '17Name: Olivia Mappin-Kasirer

High school: Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie

Hometown: Outremont

Area of study: Liberal Arts

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: executive of the Herstory, jack.org and Franco clubs; AccessAbility Centre note-taker; Prix Littéraire des Collégiens participant; Native Studies and International Studies certificate; director of the Vagina Monologues 2017; member of the TWS Book Club: Truth and Reconciliation Commission “Survivors Speak;” Performer in the play “Machiavelli”

Accepted at: Oxford University, Edinburgh University, King’s College London, University of St Andrews, McGill University, University of Toronto

Will attend: Oxford University

Plans for university studies/career: I will study Modern Languages for my undergraduate degree and see where it brings me. My career goals are either working in academia, for a publishing company or running a bookstore

Best Marianopolis memory: spending my days in the Liberal Arts wing, going from one office to the next with my fellow classmates and not only feeling encouraged to discuss with my professors and peers but appreciated

Favourite class or professor: all of the core Liberal Arts professors were exceptional and have marked me in different ways

Rachel McKenzie '17Name: Rachel McKenzie

High school: St. George’s School of Montreal

Hometown: Westmount

Area of study: Arts and Sciences

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Debating; columnist for the PaperCut student newspaper, soccer

Accepted at: University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, University of Southern California

Will attend: University of Southern California as a Dean’s Scholar

Plans for university studies/career: a major in neuroscience with a double-minor in psychology and law and criminology; a career in forensic psychiatry

Best Marianopolis memory: the Arts and Sciences program has made my experience at Marianopolis both enlightening and inspiring. Not only have I had the opportunity to learn in an environment of such high academic caliber but was surrounded by individuals who asked stimulating intellectual questions and who encouraged me to keep working toward my goals.

Favourite class or professor: Biology with Michèle Saumier, Art History with Elena Cerrolaza

Huma Ramazan Ali '17

Name: Huma Ramazan Ali

High school: École internationale Lucille-Teasdale

Hometown: Greenfield Park

Area of study: Liberal Arts

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Club Littéraire, International Studies Certificate, peer tutoring

Will attend: Brown University

Plans for university studies/career: Middle East Studies

Best Marianopolis memory: the Liberal Arts program because the teachers believe in your potential to be active learners in charge of you own education. To be given such trust taught me to be more thoughtful. As a Liberal Arts student, I learned how to learn, always with an honest intent of promoting dialogue and understanding among ourselves!

Favourite class or professor: I grew so much under the guidance of my professors, for which I am thankful. My favorite professors were Zsolt Alapi, Dolores Chew, Lily Soucy, Jennifer Campbell, Kareen Latour, Rachel Levine, Alexandre Vachon-Gee, Maurice Dufour and Vanessa Sasson

Ariella Reuben '17Name: Ariella Reuben

High school: Bialik High School

Hometown: New York City and Montreal

Area of study: Honours Commerce

Involvement at Marianopolis outside the classroom: Young Executives Business Club (Co-VP Marketing), The PaperCut (editor, social media marketer), Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization, Silver Key student ambassador

Accepted at: New York University, McGill University, The New School, University of Toronto

Plans for university studies/career: A concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship with electives in the liberal arts