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Social Science and Commerce faculty 2016-2017

Below are the Marianopolis Social Science and Commerce Department for the 2016-2017 academic year. 


BirdRebecca Bird

Background: B.A. Anthropology, McGill University; M.A. Sociology, University of Western Ontario; doctoral student in Sociology, McGill University.

Expertise: Sociology of the Family, Gender Studies, Development, Health and Illness.

Courses taught: Individual and Society; Dynamics of Social Change; Social Inequalities and Social Problems; Health and Illness in Society; Research Methods in the Social Sciences; Integrative Project.

Professional experience: data analyst, Center for Health and Well-Being, University of Western Ontario.

Little-known fact: I dedicated 12.5 years of my life to being a stay-at-home-mom.

Marek Brzezinski
Political Science, History

Background: B.A. Comparative Literature, University of Alberta; M.A. History, Concordia University (thesis: The Ligue des droits de l’homme and the colonial question between the world wars); M.A. Political Science , Concordia, (thesis: Norm-takers or norm-makers? The role of developing countries in the evolution of international norms of intervention and state sovereignty).

Expertise: International Relations

Courses taught: Introduction to International Politics; History of Western Civilization; 20th Century History; Integrative Project.

Outside the classroom: faculty advisor for Marianopolis Model UN Club.

BurtonKimberly Burton

Background: Hons. B.A. Psychology, University of Winnipeg; M.A., Ph.D. Psychology, McGill University.

Expertise: Social Psychology, relationships, social cognition, motivation.

Courses taught: Introduction to Psychology; Forensic Psychology; Social Psychology; Research Methods in the Social Sciences; Quantitative Methods.

Little-known fact: I enjoy traveling with my family and we visit Italy as much as possible.

CampbellJennifer Campbell
Social Science and Commerce Department Chair
International Studies Certificate coordinator

Background: B.A. English Literature and Creative Writing, University of Calgary; M.A. Anthropology, McGill University; Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology, McGill (thesis: The Curated Self: Montreal Advertising and the Creative Class).

Expertise: Ritual, material culture and aesthetics; advertising and late capitalism; ethnographic writing and film; Montreal; Southern France.

Courses taught: Humans: From Stone Age to Space Age; Mediterranean Peoples and Societies; Research Methods in the Social Sciences; Integrative Project.


Grant Caverly

Background: B.A., M.A. Sociology, Concordia University; Ph.D. studies in Sociology, McGill University.

Expertise: Mass Media and Mass Communications; Social Deviance and Crime; Sociology of Family; Sociology of Medicine; Social Demography.

Courses taught: Individual and Society; Mass Media; Criminology; Sociology of Deviance; Sociology of Family; Honours Social Science Seminar; Research Methods in the Social Sciences; Integrative Project.

Professional experience: faculty lecturer, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia.

Little-known fact: I was in attendance at the Montreal Forum for the infamous 3-3 tie between the Canadiens and the Soviet Red Army team on New Year’s Eve 1975.

ChewDolores Chew
Liberal and Creative Arts
Third World Studies Certificate coordinator

Background: B.A. Asian Studies, M.A History, Concordia University; Ph.D. History, University of Calcutta (thesis: Of “Unchaste” Widows and Tenants-for-life: legal constructions of gender and property in nineteenth century Bengal); Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Post-doctoral fellowship Gender Representations of Anglo-Indian Women.

Expertise: 19th and 20th Century history; colonialism; gender; race; South Asia; critical revisionist historiographies.

Courses taught: Historical Origins of Contemporary Issues; History of Western Civilization;  20th Century History; (Liberal Arts Program: Ancient Civilizations; Post-Classical History; 19th & 20th Centuries; Humanities courses on Gender and on South Asia).

Professional experience: part-time lecturer, History and Political Science Departments and Simone de Beauvoir Institute of Women’s Studies, Concordia; part-time lecturer Political Science Department, McGill University; Research Ethics Committee, South Asian Women’s Community Centre; Editorial Committee of journal Labour, Capital and Society/Travail, capital et société.

Little-known-fact: in 1981 I helped found and today I am president of Montreal’s South Asian Women’s Community Centre.

CohalanJean-Michel Cohalan
International Studies Certificate coordinator

Background: B.A. Environment and Development, McGill University School of the Environment; M.A. Geography, McGill (thesis: River Trading in the Peruvian Amazon: Market access and rural livelihoods among rainforest peoples).

Expertise: Sustainable Development; Environmental Studies; Human and Physical Geography; Latin America; Social Science Methodology.

Courses taught: World Geography; Environmental Geography; The Sustainability Challenge; Environment, Development and Sustainability in Costa Rica; International Development and Human Rights in Amsterdam; Montréal, Ma Ville!; Honours Social Sciences Seminar; Quantitative Methods; Integrative Project.

Outside the classroom: coordinator, ArtsFest; faculty assistant, MedLife mobile clinic in Lima; co-supervisor, humanitarian trip to Mexico.

Professional experience: high school teacher; Student and Community Affairs Officer, Marianopolis College Student Services; Educational Guide, Jumpstreet Tours (NYC, Washington, Philadelphia); professional musician.

Little-known fact: I feel just as happy in the classroom as in the field hiking the mountains of Costa Rica with students, on stage rocking the guitar or tap dancing, or on my bike riding to school every day, rain, snow or shine.

CohenLeslie Cohen

Background: B.A. English Literature, McGill University; B.A., M.A. (Clinical Profile), Ph.D. Psychology, Concordia University (thesis areas: Learning and Cognition; Motivation).

Courses taught: Human Relations and Mediation; Business Psychology; Management; Human Resources; Research Methods in the Social Sciences; Integrative Project; Introduction to Psychology; etc. Concordia: Personnel Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Management, Psychology of Leisure, Behavior Disorders, Intellectual Development, Research Methods I and II, etc.

Professional experience: Vice-President, Professional Development and Training, CUPFA; consultant, thesis research, various universities in Quebec and Ontario; co-author, Social Science Research Methods: The Basics (7th Ed.); Past-President, Women’s Art Society of Montreal (Bursaries for Marianopolis students in Arts, Music, and Creative Writing); American Women’s Club of Montreal.

Little-known fact: I’m a trivia expert. I’ve won numerous competitions (e.g., CJAD, PubStumpers, NTN, etc.).

ColleLois M. Colle

Background: Ph.D. Psychology, Concordia University; member of l’Ordre des Psychologues du Québec.

Courses taught: Introduction to Psychology; Mental Disorders; Adolescent Development; Research Methods in the Social Sciences; Integrative Project.

Professional experience: research coordinator, Therapeutic Day Program, and psychologist, Adolescent Inpatient Unit, Royal Victoria Hospital; research coordinator, Pediatric Psychiatric Care Program, and psychologist, Pediatric Psychiatric Care Program, Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Publications: neuroscience-related: Dopamine in the mesolimbic system; clinical: Depression.

Little-known fact: I have been a window dresser (display artist) for many years.

DelormeBruno Delorme
Business Administration

Background: B.Com., MBA, McGill University.

Expertise: Business, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Sales, International Business, Sports Management/Marketing.

Courses taught: Fundamentals of Business; Global Perspectives on Trade and Society; Sports Management; Quantitative Methods; Integrative Project.

Professional experience: partner, Business Development Bank of Canada Consulting Group; National Sales and Business Development Manager, SGS Canada; Administrative Officer, National Bank of Canada – International Division.

Media expert: over 125 expert interviews in various local and national media, such as CBC, CTV, Global, Radio-Canada, RDI, LCN, Bloomberg, Globe and Mail, National Post, Maclean’s, Canadian Press, Le Devoir and La Presse.

Little-known fact: I completed the New York City and Montreal marathons.

DicksonJennifer Dickson

Background: B.A., M.A. History, McGill University.

Expertise: Canadian History

Courses taught: Honours Social Science Seminar Food Glorious Food;History of Western Civilization; Canadian History; History of Montreal; American History; 20th Century History; Historical Background to Contemporary World Problems; Integrative Project.

Professional experience: guide-interpreter, Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site of Canada.

Little-known fact: I’ve sung in choirs since I was nine. I’m a member of the Anima Musica Choir based in NDG.

Maurice Dufour1V0A9854
Political Science
Third World Studies Certificate

Background: B.A. Political Science, York University;
M.A. Political Science, McGill University.

Expertise: International Politics, Political Economy, Political Theory, Third World Politics.

Courses taught: Canadian Politics; International Relations; Understanding Power; Just and Unjust Wars, Propaganda and Ideology; 19th Century Thinkers; Research Methods in the Social Sciences; Integrative Project.

Outside the classroom: faculty advisor for Chiapas, Mexico educational visit of fair trade coffee cooperative, Debating Club and Marianopolis Model UN Club.

ElenakisPeter Elenakis
Business Administration

Background: B.Com. Marketing, McGill University; B.A. Creative Writing, Concordia University; M.Sc. Consumer Studies and Marketing, University of Guelph (major research paper: A qualitative assessment of the organ donation process: Strategies to encourage the public to sign organ donor cards).

Expertise: advertising, branding, globalization, marketing, aviation, brewing and telecommunications industries, business strategy.

Courses taught: Marketing; Fundamentals of Business; International Business; Business Case Studies; Integrative Project.

Outside the classroom: faculty advisor, Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization.

Professional experience: With close to 20 years of experience in advertising, branding and international marketing, Peter has worked for some of the world’s most recognized and iconic brands, including Bell, Club Med, Kellogg, Nintendo, Johnnie Walker, Fruit of the Loom, Telus and Wrigley. In addition, Peter was responsible for global marketing communications for software, which created the special effects for film such as Spiderman, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

Little-known-fact: the back of my head has appeared in several print ads.

KompaniyetsEugene Kompaniyets
Honours Commerce Coordinator

Background: M.A. Economics, McGill University

Expertise: Industrial Organization, Game Theory, International Economics

Courses taught: Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; International Economics; Fundamentals of Business; Personal Finance and Investment; Integrative Project.

Outside the classroom: Marianopolis Swing Dancing Club

Professional experience: associate editor, Commodity Investor’s Newsletter; lecturer, McGill, Concordia University.

Little-known fact: I’m an avid opera fan and swing-dancer.

KrugerStuart Kruger
Business Administration, Law

Background: BCL, LLB, MBA (Finance and Corporate Finance), McGill University.

Courses taught: Fundamentals of Business; Fundamentals of Law; Integrative Project.

Professional experience: Vice President, Legal Affairs and Head Country Compliance, Novartis Pharma Canada; lawyer, Chait, Salomon.

Little-known fact: I have been a magician since the age of 14.


Kareen Latour

Background: B.A. Canadian Studies and History, McGill University; M.A. History, Université Laval (thesis: Quelle histoire pour quel avenir du Canada?  Le débat sur la mise en histoire du passé du Canada depuis 1990).

Expertise: History of Quebec, Canada; historiography of the late 20th Century.

Courses taught: Quebec History; Canadian History;  History of Western Civilization;  Regional History – History of Montreal; Integrative Project.

Outside the classroom: faculty advisor for Tournoi Jeunes Démocrates and Marianopolis Model UN Club.

Professional experience: Parliamentary Guide (Ottawa); Guide, Parks Canada (St-Lin-Laurentides, Montreal).

Little-known fact: an avid yogi since 2007, I became a yoga instructor in 2010.

LeeRebecca Lee
Political Science

Background: B.A. Political Science and Economics, Carleton University; M.A., Ph.D. Political Science, McGill University (thesis: When work empowers: women in Mexico City’s labour force).

Expertise: international development, comparative politics of developing countries, qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Courses taught: International Politics; Third World Politics; Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences; Research Methods in the Social Sciences; Integrative Project.

Outside the classroom: faculty advisor for Marianopolis Model UN Club.

Professional experience:  guest scholar, El Colegio de Mexico, University of California, San Diego.

Anne-Marie LinnenLinnen

Background: Ph.D. Psychology, Concordia University (thesis: Oxytocin, Stress Reactivity, and Emotional Information Processing: Investigating Two Potential Mechanisms Mediating Oxytocin’s Pro-Social Effect).

Expertise: Psychoneuroendocrionology.

Courses taught: Introduction to Psychology; Research Methods in the Social Sciences; Quantitative Methods.

Outside the classroom: Marianopolis Swing Dancing Club

Professional experience: clinical intern, Centre for Psychological Services, University of Ottawa; trainee and human behaviour therapist, Douglas Mental Health University Institute.   

OkeefeDavid O’Keefe

: B.A. History, Concordia University; M.A. History, University of Ottawa (thesis: Bitter Harvest : A Case Study of Operational Intelligence for Operation Spring, Normandy, July 25, 1944).

Expertise: Military and intelligence history

Courses taught: American History; History of Western Civilization; 20th Century History; History of the World Wars; The Great War and Shaping of the Modern World; Integrative Project.

Professional experience: author; creator, host of nearly 20 documentaries for History Television; Infantry Officer, Historian, Researcher, Signals Intelligence Specialist, Canadian Armed Forces.  

 Little-known fact: I was scouted by several Major League Baseball teams. 


SalomonMaria Salomon

Background: B.A. History and Russian Studies, M.A. History, McGill University; M.Phil., Ph. D.  History, Yale University (thesis: The Muscovy Company in the First Half of the 17th Century; Trade and Position in the Russian State: A Reassessment).

Expertise: pre-Petrine Russia; Muscovy Company;  early modern trading diasporas; Russian institutional accommodation of foreigners.

Courses taught: History of Western Civilization, Human Rights in the Modern World;
Integrative Project.

Professional experience: taught History at Brown University, Trinity College (Connecticut), University
of Windsor.

Little-known fact: I’ve gone into kindergartens and grade 1 classes around Montreal to help sensitize children to the challenges faced by some of their peers who return to school following cancer treatment. This is an initiative of Leucan that I found extremely challenging, but so very important. The reaction of children this young to the presentations was always very moving.

SkaperdasTed Skaperdas
Political Science

Background: B.A. Economics and Political Science, M.A. Political Science, McGill University (thesis: An Analysis and Critique of Hannah Arendt’s Concept of Politics)

Expertise: 20th century American History and Politics; Politics and History of the Soviet Union; Anient Greek Civilization; Political Theory and Philosophy; Survey Research and Public Opinion.

Courses taught: Research Methods in the Social Sciences; The American Century; The Ancient Greeks; Ethics and Democracy.

TerekhovVitaly Terekhov

Background: M.A. Mathematical Economics, St. Petersburg State University; Ph.D. Economics, Concordia University (thesis: Three Essays on Investor Protection).

Expertise: Applied Game Theory, Corporate Finance.

Courses taught: Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; Quantitative Methods; Integrative Project.

Little-known fact: I won the Toastmasters International Humorous Speech Contest in 2012 and 2013.

Vite-LeonNorma Vite-Leon

Background: B.A. Economics, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México; M.A. Economics, University of Essex, UK; Ph.D. Economics, New School for Social Research, New York, N.Y.

Expertise: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economic Development, Institutional Economics and Quantitative Methods.

Courses taught: Macroeconomics; International Economics; Quantitative Methods.

Professional experience: research associate, Desautels Faculty of Management and Institute for Health and Social Policy, McGill University; research analyst, Center for Economic Policy Analysis, New School for Social Research; economic advisor, Central Bank of Mexico; research analyst, Banco Nacional de México and Mexican Ministry of Public Education; program coordinator, Government of Mexico City.