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Global outlook

Marianopolis College’s Vision aims to have prepare students to make positive contributions as citizens of a complex and changing world. To honour this commitment, Marianopolis offers courses abroad to students in any program as part of their specific education or complementary courses.

“Immersion in a foreign country enables students to apply classroom theories firsthand, thereby making them more informed citizens of the world,” said Director General Christian Corno. Marianopolis students have benefited from courses in such places as The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Germany and the Netherlands.

For the fourth consecutive summer Professor Bruno Delorme is teaching the popular international business course Global Perspectives on Trade and Society. It begins with sessions on campus and then takes students to Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany. Underscoring the importance of developing a global mindset to better understand global trade perspectives, the course examines differences in world views, values and behaviour, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication.

Also in summer 2017, Marianopolis offers a new, five-week summer course on Ancient Rome. After studying on campus for two weeks, students spend three weeks in the Eternal City, using the Pantheon Institute’s facilities. Professor Rachel Levine (University of Toronto Ph.D. and M.A. in Ancient Studies) will guide the group through various monuments, museums and sites that showcase various historic periods. While the emphasis is on Ancient Rome, students will have many opportunities to visit Medieval, Renaissance and modern sites in Italy.


During their International Business course in summer 2016, Professor Bruno Delorme’s students met with senior management at the Walldorf, Germany headquarters of SAP, the world’s third largest software manufacturer.