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Alliance Sport-Études

Marianopolis proudly partners with Alliance Sport-Études to help elite student-athletes balance the demands of academics with the rigors of athletic training and competition.

“Our affiliation with Alliance Sport-Études addresses the unique needs of our high-performing student-athletes: it helps them achieve both their athletic and educational goals without having to lose their competitive edge or sacrifice their academic success,” said Marianopolis Director General Christian Corno.

Marianopolis students with student-athlete status from the Alliance are eligible for:

  • Adapted educational services, including priority registration to create class schedules according to training and competition needs, extended studies into additional semesters, if desired, and courses via Cégep à distance
  • Support from an academic success counselor at the Alliance, who provides structure and personalized monitoring to facilitate the successful completion of studies
  • Access to a designated academic advisor at Marianopolis, who works closely with the student and the Alliance academic success counselor to ensure the student is adequately supported
  • Scholarships through the Alliance’s foundation, which awarded more than $191,000 in the 2017-2018 academic year.


Recognized by the provincial education ministry, Alliance Sport-Études comprises 42 colleges, le Cégep à distance and eight universities. Its mission is to offer services and educational support to elite athletes who pursue higher studies. In fall 2018, 1,500 student-athletes from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and over 50 sports federations were enrolled in member schools.

For more information, please contact Patti McDonald, the academic advisor who offers one-on-one support to elite athletes throughout their studies at Marianopolis.

Alliance Sport-Études

Alexandrine Obrand, a Health Science student and nationally ranked swimmer, and Matthew Halickman, a Social Science student and internationally ranked gymnast, with Patti McDonald, the academic advisor who is dedicated to supporting the many student-athletes at Marianopolis.