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Why Marianopolis?

A transformative education

Marianopolis is the place for motivated young people to achieve, grow and succeed. Quebec’s only English-language private college focused exclusively on pre-university education, Marianopolis is big enough to offer 10 programs touching on many disciplines, yet small enough to give students the personal attention that they need. At Marianopolis, students don’t get lost in the crowd. They fit right in. They are supported. They are inspired. Yes, they are challenged. And they leave ready to take on university and the world.

Why pay for private?

There are many compelling reasons why a Marianopolis education is a great investment with promising and proven returns.


Stepping stone to the world’s top universities

Manhattan School of Music, McGill University Faculty of Arts, University of Toronto, University of St. Andrews, early decision at Harvard: these are some of the schools to which the Class of 2018 gained entry.


Stellar faculty and staff

At Marianopolis, professors have an open-door policy and are expected to know their students’ names; staff have drop-in hours and are dedicated to supporting students outside the classroom.


A strong R-Score

If you think coming to Marianopolis will lower your chances of a high R-Score, think again! Marianopolis students tend to have the highest average R-Scores in the province.


Alliance Sport-Études

Marianopolis support its elite student-athletes with a partnership with the province-wide organization that helps balance the demands of academics with the rigors of athletic training and competition.


Bilingual exchange with Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf

A unique partnership between Montreal’s two most prestigious colleges.


Fluency in English

No other school matches what Marianopolis offers to students whose mother tongue is not English.


Global outlook

As part of its commitment to deliver to its students a well-rounded global education, Marianopolis offers courses abroad.