Peer tutoring

A vital part of the Marianopolis Plan for Success, the Marianopolis Peer Tutoring Service is funded by the Ministry of Education. Simply put, peer tutoring is students helping students. Typically, a tutor and tutee meet for one hour weekly to address difficulties with specific course content. The service is provided free of charge.

Students get the help they need from tutors who have been successful in the particular course. Usually, they improve their grades and feel more confident about course material. Tutors increase their own understanding of the material and its relationship to their current studies. Most tutors are current Marianopolis students, while some are recent graduates who are attending university.

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Tutoring is offered in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • French
  • Mathematics (Arts/Science)
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Western Civilization

FAQs for students seeking tutoring

Am I eligible to receive peer tutoring?

If you are having difficulty in a course and are in good academic standing, that is, regularly participating in the class, you may be eligible. Your instructor may be asked to confirm your need for tutoring.

What happens after I have applied?

Available spaces are limited and are allocated on a priority basis. All efforts are made to accommodate as many requests as possible. Selected applicants will be contacted by Omnivox.

How long does the weekly tutoring last?

Typically, five to eight weeks. Tutoring may end if the tutee is no longer considered to be in need of tutoring or in good academic standing.

For more information, contact Laura Paris, F-317, ext. 521.

Support for tutors

Below, tutors will find useful links as well as other handy information. This page is also the place to log in to the Payroll Recording System. First-time tutors who have never worked at a Marianopolis department that uses the PRS must register before they begin tutoring. If you have and questions, please contact Laura Paris.

To contact your discipline coordinator:

Discipline Coordinator Office Phone ext.
Biology Louise Nobile B-322 362 
Chemistry Louise Nobile B-322 362 
Economics Jacqueline De Stefano B-303 449
French Marie-Claude Leduc I-306 271
Mathematics (Arts/Science) Louise Nobile B-322 362 
Physics Louise Nobile B-322 362 
Quantitative Methods Jacqueline De Stefano B-303 449
Psychology Jacqueline De Stefano B-303 449
Western Civilization Jacqueline De Stefano B-303 449

Helpful links

Study guides and strategies
Being an effective tutor

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