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AccessAbility Centre

Marianopolis College’s AccessAbility Centre offers support services to students with diagnosed disabilities such as learning or physical disabilities, ADHD, visual and auditory impairments and mental health, as well as temporary disabilities such as a broken hand. As part of the Marianopolis Plan for Success, the AccessAbility Centre and the Adapted Services Counselor offer services such as student advocacy and workshops, one-on-one coaching on learning and organizational strategies, faculty support, information for parents and help in transitioning from high school and/or to university.

Students who provide appropriate documentation may register with the AccessAbility Centre and benefit from an Individualized Intervention Plan outlining the reasonable accommodations needed. Depending on their needs, the accommodations for tests and exams may include a quiet room, extra time, a computer with or without spell-check, enlarged print, an electronic reader and an electronic scribe. Students may also be permitted to use a laptop in class and receive class notes.

Before each test or exam, a student registered with the service should complete the Accommodation form five days before each test or exam. A printer-friendly version can be found here. Students who need help filling out the form are welcome to consult the AccessAbility Centre staff.

To access these services

New students must submit an assessment that includes a clear diagnosis shortly after receiving their acceptance letter to attend the College. In April of each year all students receive an invitation to submit their documentation. They should send their assessment to the AccessAbility Centre (F-310, ext. 294). Students and their family will be invited to meet with Adapted Services Counselor Dr. Ioana Constantinescu before they register for classes.

Returning students should make an appointment with Dr. Constantinescu in Omnivox and bring in their assessment as soon as they recognize they need test accommodations. The College can provide referrals for psycho-educational testing and psychological services.

Depending on the diagnosis, the documents should include:

  • a clear diagnosis recognized by the American Psychological Association or the World Health Organization (as listed in the DSM or the ICD)
  • the name, signature and professional credentials of a Quebec diagnostician
  • the date of the assessment (preferably completed within the last five years)
  • a list of all tests administered and a report of all results, when pertinent
  • the impact of the disability on academic performance.


Marianopolis will consider the assessment’s recommendations for accommodations but cannot guarantee that it will grant any. The College reserves the right to refuse any documentation that does not conform to standard Canadian post-secondary practices and may request further documentation.

Marianopolis offers many additional free services, including: peer tutoring, English literacy, French monitoring, counseling and health services.

For more information

Please contact Adapted Services Counselor Dr. Ioana Constantinescu, (F- 323, ext. 522 or via Omnivox) or AccessAbility Technician Patricia Arbelaez (F-310, ext. 294)