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Preparation for English College Studies (PECS)

Designed for students who complete Secondary IV or V in June and whose first language is not English, Preparation for English College Studies (PECS) aims to improve English communication skills through grammar review, vocabulary and idiom practice, oral presentations, reading comprehension and writing exercises.

Students who will attend Marianopolis College in the fall have priority for PECS registration. Each section has a limit of 25 students.

PECS does not give credit toward a Diploma of Collegial Studies nor does it replace ENG 002.

Why take PECS?

The vast majority of students who took PECS said it helped their writing ability in English and recommended PECS to new students. Here’s what some have said:

  • “The teacher repeats the content in many different ways so that we assimilate the theory. He makes us practice oral skills, writing skills and pronunciation skills.”
  • “We did a lot of activities such as games in teams or orals in groups. It is not only fun but also helps us socialize … with people we might not have a chance to know.”
  • “PECS … was always interesting and I learned a lot. The teacher was really helpful.”


Where and when

PECS is held at Marianopolis. The 2017 sessions took place from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. weekdays June 26 to July 12.

For more information

Please contact PECS Coordinator Dr. Suzanne Daningburg, ext. 279.