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Recognition of Student Involvement Step-by-Step Guide

Students should follow these steps carefully to ensure that their application is processed quickly.

Step 1

Decide on an activity and find a supervisor. Your supervisor should be someone who is in a position of authority within your activity and who can attest to your participation.You should have regular contact with them so they can give an accurate description of your involvement. Your fellow students may not act as supervisors. If you are unsure about who to choose, contact ROSI Project Coordinator Adam Reider.

Step 2

Verify that you are eligible by filling out the Registration & Objectives Form. You may submit it any time during the academic year, as long as it is before you begin your activity. After you submit your form, you must see Adam Reider in A-115 West.

Step 3

As you participate in your activity, create an Excel sheet with columns for “What you did,” “When you did it”, “How long you did it for” and “What activity title is this.” Keep all your activities on the same page. Also jot down important details about your involvement that would help you fill in the Self-Evaluation Form, such as what your responsibilities are, the projects you participate in and examples of how you exhibited leadership, initiative and team-building. Be specific and give examples whenever possible. You must complete at least 30 hours of involvement for each field within four months, for a minimum of 10 hours per activity.) Feel free to record all your hours even if they exceed 30 hours.

Step 4

Finalize your Self-Evaluation Form. Then, have your supervisor complete the Supervisor Tracking Form. You can log in to ROSI at any time to check which forms have been submitted. We recommend that these forms be submitted as soon as possible after you complete your activity; they are due within three months of completing your activity.

Be aware of the deadlines

You must complete all 30 hours within four months of when you start of your activity; you must submit all documentation within three months of finishing your activity. For the mention to appear on the first printing of your academic transcript, you must submit all documentation by the last day of class of the relevant term. If the documentation is submitted later, your recognition will appear the next time your transcript is produced.

For more information, check out the ROSI FAQ. For general questions, please contact ROSI Coordinator Adam Reider, A-115 West, ext. 311.