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Plan for Success

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The 2015-2020 Marianopolis Plan for Success is an integral part of the College’s formal commitment to excellence, student success and personal development. It emphasizes the transformative goal of education as articulated in the Marianopolis 2015-2020 Strategic Plan: that education should transform the individual, who in turn transforms society. It is also in line with the Congrégation de Notre-Dame’s legacy and the Marianopolis Mission, whereby the College “strives to be a leader in building a supportive and dynamic environment where students can grow both personally and intellectually.”

Marianopolis continues to attract strong students who significantly surpass the network average on measures such as pass rate in first-term, on-time graduation, pass rate on the English Exit Exam and proportion of R-Scores above 32, and nearly all of our graduates pursue university studies, most in their first-choice university and program. We are keenly aware, however, that our continued success as a college depends on our collective commitment to identify and remedy potential weaknesses.

Such commitment is reflected in the four paths of the 2015-2020 Marianopolis Plan for Success:

Improve first-term success

The significant challenges that many students experience in their transition from secondary to post-secondary education can have an impact on their academic performance, particularly in the first term. Given the importance of first-term success in setting the groundwork for an academically successful experience at the College, we will place a special focus on developing measures that will improve success in the first term.

Improve success in specific programs and courses

The pass rate in certain courses and disciplines is below the College average. Some of these courses are in a particular program and many are first-year compulsory courses. In an effort to enhance success, retention and graduation rates, we will focus on teaching, learning and support services related to these courses and programs.

Increase eligibility for preferred universities and programs

We plan to improve our students’ understanding of university options to ensure that they are well-equipped to make decisions about their future education. We also plan to increase their eligibility for their preferred program and university, and to improve our tracking of students’ applications, acceptances and success at university.

Enhance engagement in programs at the College

In keeping with the goal of transformative education, we plan to enhance students’ engagement in enriching activities outside the classroom that will foster personal and intellectual growth and enhance their overall college experience.