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Academic Advising

Academic Advisors offer support in all aspects of academic life at Marianopolis College and help students as they consider and apply to university. Here are some important issues on which they support students:


How to reach an academic advisor

Academic Advisors Pauline GregoirePatti McDonald and Andrea Prokos are located in the F-wing 300 level and are available every weekday. Students may book a 30-minute appointment through Omnivox. One advisor is also available to see students without an appointment during drop-in hours from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Thursday.

Helpful resources

Marianopolis resources


Quebec universities


Ontario universities


Applying to university in Ontario


Additional resources on Canadian universities


Information on U.S. universities


Canadian scholarships


Academic Advising vs. counseling

Academic Advising is distinct from counseling: academic advisors support academic planning, registration, course changes and matters related to getting into university (requirements and application procedures, for example); counselors concentrate on one’s psychological well-being (personal development, problem-solving and self-understanding) and planning for university and one’s career.