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Resources and services

Marianopolis gives its students the immeasurable advantage of having been admitted to a student-centered school where every person and every resource is dedicated to student success in the classroom and beyond.

Academic Advising

Academic advisors offer support in all aspects of academic life and help students as they consider and apply to university.


Athletics, clubs and activities

For over a hundred years, Marianopolis College has devoted its many resources to supporting students in the classroom and beyond.


Campus store and info centre

Starting with the campus store and info centre, Student Services consolidates many student-support functions into one area in order to offer one-stop service for students.


Counseling and health

Marianopolis College’s counselors offer free guidance and support on personal and vocational issues.


Jobs for students

In support of its students, Marianopolis College offers jobs on campus and, via its Off-Campus Job Board located in Student Services, provides information about off-campus work.



Marianopolis College’s Library offers terrific online resources and print collections, excellent research assistance and a great space to study. It is open 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays. For exceptions see the About Us page. Search the Library‚Äôs …


Registrar’s Office and records

The Registrar’s Office supports students on their academic journey from when they begin to consider Marianopolis in high school to graduation and beyond. Plus, it’s the place to go if you need official College documents.


Technology and facilities

Marianopolis College offers top-notch technology and facilities across its historic campus.


Tuition, financial aid and scholarships

Information about tuition and financial resources.