Coronavirus Updates

Marianopolis has resumed the semester in alternative modes of delivery, with the aim to ensure that students complete the semester successfully. This page is updated as more information becomes available. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found below. Marianopolis remains committed to supporting its community members during this challenging time.

  • How are classes continuing?

    The Ministry of Education has asked colleges to resume the semester in alternative modes of delivery gradually as of March 30, showing flexibility so as to enable students to complete the semester successfully.

    Marianopolis has prepared a set of guidelines for teachers, to help them redesign their classes and reset expectations with their students, as well as a set of guidelines for students, to help them adapt to learning from home.

    Teachers began getting in touch with their students starting March 30 to explain how their classes will proceed for the remainder of the semester. They are providing a new course outline for each of their classes, detailing changes in methodology (how the remaining content of the course will be taught, which tools will be used) changes to the evaluation scheme (types and formats, modes of submission, weight of the evaluations, due dates) and provisions for academic integrity.

    Classes are being taught using online platforms to which all teachers and students already have access, such as Omnivox LEA Classroom and Microsoft Teams. These tools provide various ways for teachers and students to interact online, such as audio and video conferencing, live chats, discussion forums, file and screen sharing, quizzes, etc. They also allow teachers to hold virtual office hours. Some teachers may continue to use other platforms with which they and their students are already familiar.

    For the most part, classes are being taught asynchronously, meaning that teachers prepare learning activities and students do work on their own time. Teachers who wish to provide some synchronous (live) instruction, must do so during their regular scheduled class time and make provisions for students who are unable to join at that time. Each course is being completed at a different pace, taking into consideration the requirement for all courses to complete an equivalent of at least 12 weeks from the original start of the semester.

    The College is using 7-9 p.m. as a daily maintenance window for all IT systems; please plan accordingly.

    Students can MIO Maria Elena Abraham in the Office of the Associate Dean, Student Success, with any general academic questions or concerns.

  • Can I come to campus?

    No. The campus is closed. Security is guarding and patrolling the premises. Personal effects are safe and may be picked up in due time. Employees are working from home and continue to be paid according to the usual procedure and schedule.

  • Has the academic calendar changed?

    In accordance with Ministry of Education directives, the College has made the following adjustments to its academic calendar for the Winter 2020 semester:

    • May 25 is the last day for teaching new material
    • June 4 is the last day on which final evaluations can take place or assignments can be due
    • June 12 is the final grade submission deadline
    • Information about graduation and summer classes will be available soon
  • What about exams, grades and R-Scores?

    In keeping with Ministry of Education directives, the College has made following adaptations to it evaluation procedures:

    • No graded work was required between March 13 and 30.
    • No on-campus exam period is planned. Final evaluations will take place in alternative delivery modes between May 26 and June 4. Details specific to each course will be explained in the new course outline.
    • The Ministerial Examination of College English (English Exit Exam) may not take place on May 13 as originally scheduled. The satisfactory completion of the exam as a requirement for obtaining the Diplôme d’études collégiales (DEC) will be waived for students graduating prior to August 1, 2020 who have not yet completed the exam. More details are available in the guidelines for students.
    • Equivalencies (EQ), Incompletes (IN) and other such accommodations may be granted in consideration of the challenges  students face in completing their studies during this unusual time.
    • Two R-Scores will be calculated for this semester: one including Winter 2020 grades and one excluding Winter 2020 grades. The best of the two will be used in the calculation of students’ overall and program R-Scores.

    Keeping in mind these exceptional and unpredictable circumstances, Marianopolis is committed to showing as much flexibility as possible toward students, adapting our practices while upholding our high academic standards, with the aim to ensure that all students complete the semester successfully.

  • Have College events and travel been cancelled?

    Until further notice:

    • All international travel for students and employees has been cancelled. This applies as well to all international visitors to campus.
    • All indoor and outdoor gatherings are prohibited.
  • This is a stressful time. Where can I get support?

    Adapting to new ways of teaching, learning and working can be stressful during these uncertain times. Remember it is normal to feel worried or unsettled; these are exceptional circumstances but they are also temporary.

    Students should not hesitate to reach out to their teachers and to avail themselves of the College’s support services by getting in touch with faculty and staff via MIO. As always, the College will take into consideration individual circumstances and provide flexibility and accommodations as much as possible.

    Employees can get support remotely from their supervisor or department chair, as well as counselling by telephone through the College’s employee assistance program provider.

    Anyone can call 811 (Info Social) to receive 24/7 counselling by telephone for help with stress and anxiety related to the coronavirus situation.

  • Where can I find more information?