Frequently asked questions

Is the campus closed?

As Marianopolis continues to follow COVID-19 guidelines provided by the Ministry and public-health agencies, our campus remains closed until the start of the Fall 2020 semester. Teachers and staff remain available to students through remote delivery platforms. As our community members can attest, Marianopolis continues to be Marianopolis despite the pandemic. Read their stories…

What are the plans for the Fall 2020 semester?

Marianopolis looks forward to welcoming new and returning students to the Fall 2020 semester on August 17, as planned. The academic calendar provides the important dates and outlines how the semester will be organized into alternating time blocks of on-campus activities and remote delivery. All of the College’s support services and student life will continue to be offered online and in person.

As the start of the semester approaches, students will receive more detailed information about preparatory workshops for remote learning (introductions to online platforms, study skills, time-management, learning in English for the first time, etc.), student life activities, support services and health protocols that will need to be followed when coming to campus.

What technology do I need for remote classes?

You will need a laptop or desktop computer that includes a camera and microphone. If your computer does not already have a built-in camera and microphone, you will need to install them separately. You will also need a reliable internet connection. If you do not have access to any of this equipment, send a MIO to Maria Elena Abraham, Assistant to the Associate Dean, Student Success, and provide her with information regarding your specific situation and needs.

How do I “attend” remote classes?

You are expected to be available during the set time block for each class as indicated in your class schedule. Your teacher will specify when you will be expected to participate in live (synchronous) sessions. Some material will be made available by the teacher to review on your own time (asynchronous). This is meant to provide you with flexibility, but it also means you will need to manage your time.

What if I need to be absent from classes?

Rules regarding attendance are spelled out in section 3.5 of the IPESA, the Institutional Policy for the Evaluation Student Achievement. For any questions and to report an absence, send a MIO to Maria Elena Abraham, Assistant to the Office of the Associate Dean, Student Success.   

What do I do if I miss a test, an exam or an assignment deadline?

Rules regarding missed evaluations are spelled out in section 3.6 of the IPESA, the Institutional Policy for the Evaluation Student Achievement, which is the College’s main policy on academic matters. Students who miss a deadline or date for an evaluation must inform their teacher of the reason immediately and provide any supporting documentation that is requested.

How can I contact or meet with my teacher outside of class time?

All teachers hold regular office hours on a virtual platforms. Each teacher will specify their office hours on the course outline. Teachers also use MIO to communicate with students individually and set up one-on-one or small group appointments as needed.

How do I drop or change courses or programs?

You must meet virtually with an Academic Advisor to drop courses or change programs. You can make an appointment via Omnivox using the “Academic Advising Appointments” module.  Special virtual drop-in hours (no appointment necessary) will be available for students who wish to drop courses and will be announced in Omnivox. The deadline to drop courses is September 18. Visit the Support Services page, under Academic Advising, to learn more.

How can I access library material and services?

Visit the Library page to find out how to access the Library’s online collections and get help from the Librarians.

Where can I get help with academic or personal issues?

Visit the Support Services page to see the kinds of help available and whom to contact. You can also send a MIO to Maria Elena Abraham, Assistant to the Associate Dean, Student Success, if you have any questions regarding your specific situation.

Will Winter 2020 tuition be reimbursed?

After carefully reviewing the matter, Marianopolis has decided not to reimburse Winter 2020 tuition because it kept its promise to provide excellent education after the Ministry of Education’s order to move to alternative modes of delivery. In a short turnaround time, the College equipped its faculty and staff to remain available in virtual mode while maintaining the same level of quality in delivering the Marianopolis experience. For example, faculty re-imagined their courses in various ways, held office hours online and helped students individually. Students continued to have access to multi-faceted and expert support services. The College continuously reviewed and monitored its methodology and reached out to students to address their needs.

Moreover, the College must still respect its financial contractual obligations and has incurred significant additional costs to put in place the necessary resources to deliver various forms of online support. Unlike other schools, Marianopolis does not charge for specific extracurricular activities or services. Auxiliary fees of $125 per semester support a wide variety of services, which are not itemized and which provide resources beyond the classroom for student activities and other related initiatives.