Enriching opportunities

With student success at the heart of every endeavour at Marianopolis, the College proudly offers various enriching opportunities designed to affirm its commitment to academic excellence, student success and personal development. Expert faculty and staff develop and oversee these initiatives, many of which benefit from government funding as part of the College’s 2015-2020 Plan for Success and its four paths:

  • Improve first-term success
    Given the importance of supporting students’ transition from high school to set the groundwork for a successful college experience, Marianopolis places a special focus on developing measures that improve success in the first term.
  • Improve success in specific programs and courses
    In an effort to reinforce success, retention and graduation rates, Marianopolis focuses on teaching, learning and support services related to those courses courses and disciplines with a pass rate that is below the College average.
  • Increase eligibility for preferred university and program
    The College aims to improve students’ understanding of university options to ensure that they are well-equipped to make decisions about their future education, thus increasing their eligibility for their preferred program and university.
  • Enhance student engagement
    Marianopolis seeks to enhance student engagement in enriching activities outside the classroom that foster personal and intellectual growth and enrich their overall college experience.

The many opportunities for enrichment at Marianopolis include:

  • Arts Fest

    A two-week celebration of the arts held every April, as well as a beloved Marianopolis tradition, Arts Fest is a joint initiative of the Liberal and Creative Arts and English departments. Free and open to the public it is held throughout campus and gives students from every area of study a chance to showcase their literary and video works, musical talent and art of all kinds.

    Host to everything from paintings to poems, Arts Fest features an arts café with performances by students and faculty, as well as theatre performances, the College’s literary journal and film screenings. A highlight is the Arts Fest concert, featuring students from the College’s unique Music program.

    For more information, please contact Professor Angelique Koumouzelis.

  • Arts Trip

    Marianopolis students in all areas of study can spend three activity-packed days at an arts mecca each fall. The Arts Trip complements the comprehensive arts and humanities curriculum by giving students an opportunity to acquire knowledge through personal experience.

    The trip is organized by Marianopolis faculty with expertise in visual arts, art history and humanities.

    For more information, contact Professors Selena Liss and Megan Spriggs.

  • Brébeuf bilingual exchange

    Thanks to a unique partnership between Montreal’s two most prestigious colleges, students at Marianopolis and Brébeuf can perfect their knowledge of French or English, as the case may be, by completing their last semester of studies at the other college. Students go beyond language and beyond the classroom to total immersion in clubs, sports and life in general at the host college while completing the requirements of the DEC.

    For more information, contact Academic Advisor Patti McDonald.

  • ImaginAtlas

    ImaginAtlas fosters French-language literacy and appreciation through the lens of speculative fiction, known as littérature de l’imaginaire. Students collaborate on an online magazine showcasing their work, serve on a jury for an intercollegiate prize and actively participate in the social and cultural life of Quebec’s literary communities.

    For more information, contact Professors Mathieu Lauzon-Dicso and Kate Sheckler.

  • International courses

    Marianopolis College’s Vision aims to have prepare students to make positive contributions as citizens of a complex and changing world. To honour this commitment, the College offers courses abroad to students in any program as part of their specific education or complementary courses.

    In summer 2020, Professor Bruno Delorme is teaching the international business course Global Perspectives on Trade and Society. It begins with sessions on campus and then takes students to Austria, France and Germany. Underscoring the importance of developing a global mindset to better understand global trade perspectives, the course examines differences in world views, values and behaviour, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication.

    In winter 2020, after studying on campus, students will embark on a 10-day field trip across Costa Rica, one of the world’s pioneering nations in sustainable development. With Geography Professor Jean-Michel Cohalan ’98 they will trek through tropical forest reserves, visit plantations and meet local experts on Costa Rica’s environmental initiatives and sustainable forestry programs.

    After digging into the archaeology and society of ancient Rome during the first half of winter 2020, students will spend March break living in Rome’s hippest neighbourhood, Trastevere, while walking in the footsteps of gladiators and emperors, soldiers and priestesses. Ancient art historian Rachel Levine and musicologist Nancy Berman will highlight the best music, art, architecture and museums that Rome has to offer, allowing students to appreciate the impact of this mighty empire on the world today.

    In summer 2020, students will also have the opportunity to explore the history and culture of Himalayan traditions after having conducted their research at the College. Led by Professors Vanessa R. Sasson and Selena Liss, the course will take students to the Humla region of Nepal, where they will share meals, music and experiences with local communities.

    “Immersion in a foreign country enables students to apply classroom theories firsthand, thereby making them more informed citizens of the world,” said Director General Christian Corno.

    Other past international courses have included:

    • scientific research on ocean pollution and study of environmental ethics while on a sailboat in the Bahamas with Professor Veronica Ponce
    • immersion into language and life in Germany with Professor Isabelle-Luce Levasseur
  • Lab Project

    Science students in their fourth term can gain hands-on experience in research laboratories at local universities and research institutes, applying the knowledge and laboratory techniques learned at the College and helping them to explore university and career possibilities.

    Students may apprentice with more than 50 researchers. The facilities vary from year to year. Past labs have included:

    • Montreal General Hospital Research Institute
    • McGill University Health Centre
    • Royal Victoria Hospital
    • Concordia University
    • Concordia Physiotherapy
    • McGill University
    • Redpath Museum
    • Université de Montréal
    • École Polytechnique de Montréal
    • Montreal Heart Institute
    • Montreal Children’s Hospital
    • Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital

    Participation in the Lab Project satisfies the Comprehensive Assessment (Épreuve Synthèse) requirement for graduation. Students apply online in December.

  • Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization

    One of almost 100 clubs at the College, the Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization (MYLO) is open to all students interested in entrepreneurship, marketing and leadership development.

    For more information, contact Professor Peter Elenakis.

  • Mathematics and Science competitions

    Throughout the academic year, numerous competitions are held for students interested in pursuing their interests in Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. The competitions are at the provincial, national and international level, mostly during the winter semester.


    Quebec Order of Chemists Competition
    Chem 13
    International Chemistry Olympiad

    To learn more, contact Professor Pascal Gallant.

    Computer Science

    Canadian Computing Competition

    To learn more, contact Professor Robert Vincent.


    Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge
    American Mathematics Contest (AMC12)
    Canadian Mathematics Olympiad
    Asia Pacific Mathematics Olympiad
    American Invitational Mathematics Examination
    USA Mathematics Olympiad
    International Mathematics Olympiad

    For more information, contact Professor Louise Nobile.


    Sir Isaac Newton Competition
    Canadian Association of Physicists Competition
    International Physics Olympiad

    For more information, contact Professor Baharak Fatholahzadeh.

  • Model United Nations

    The Marianopolis Model United Nations Club (MariMUN) attracts a large number of students, who compete against and often best top teams from the world’s most prestigious universities.

    For more information,  contact Professor Kareen Latour or Student Life Animator Adam Reider.

  • Reach for the Top

    Marianopolis students frequently place at the provincial and national level in this general-knowledge quiz. The friendly competition teaches team-building, cooperative learning and quick thinking, as it involves pressing buzzers to be the first to answer.

    For more information, contact Professor Cory McKay.

  • Robotics

    The Marianopolis Robotics Team is a College tradition and a source of pride, as the team excels in the Canadian Robotics Competition year after year. Students develop skills in basic machining, computer programming, design, engineering, mathematics and science outside the classroom, as well as in teamwork and leadership. Their work can count toward the Comprehensive Program Assessment (Épreuve synthèse) requirements in Science or Honours Science. This project has an intrinsic evaluation component, as the students are judged by professional educators, scientists and engineers.

    For more information, contact Professor Dominique Paradis.

  • Science and Technology Fair

    Open to students in all areas of study, the Marianopolis Science and Technology Fair allows students to share their passion for discovery with university professors and scientists. Marianopolis students frequently perform extremely well in national and international competitions. Participation also provides an excellent opportunity to obtain course credit through the Comprehensive Program Assessment (Épreuve synthèse) requirements in Science or Honours Science.

    For more information, contact Professor Angela Keane.


  • Silver Key

    Silver Key students are the official ambassadors of Marianopolis. They help familiarize prospective and new students and their families with the College. As the College’s representatives and with their unique student perspective, they participate in important events, such as Open House. When Admissions staff visit secondary schools, Silver Keys share with high school students their experience at Marianopolis.

    Students may apply to become members at the beginning of each academic year.

    This volunteer leadership position is a formidable one to list when applying to university.

    For more information, contact Admissions Officer Maryam Ghayeni.