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The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation


Every year, thousands of parents, alumni and friends of Marianopolis donate to The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation, the College’s registered charity. Collectively they provide Marianopolis with a source of funding that ensures the College’s long-term sustainability and commitment to excellence, while enabling it to meet the immediate needs of students. Thanks to donors’ generosity, the Foundation disburses almost half a million dollars annually to the one in five Marianopolis students who rely on financial aid.

Board of Directors 2016-2017

Sacha Haque ’98, Chair
Joanne Rossy ’86, Vice-Chair, parent of Philip ’10
John Papagiannis ’04, Secretary
Tom Katsafanas ’90, Treasurer
Christian Corno, Marianopolis College Director General
Nathalie Arnold ’87, Marianopolis College Alumni Association
Françoise Boisvert ’58, Congrégation de Notre-Dame
Stephen Takacsy ’77, parent of Georgia ’14 and Julia ’16
Catherine Vourakis ’95
Josh Wisenthal ’01