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annual giving fall 2018

Here are some facts to inspire you to give to the College through The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation. Every contribution counts! Will you help us reach our 2018-2019 goal of $250,000 in donations?

Marianopolis provides financial support to close to 300 students every year. This means that your donation can help a deserving student attend and graduate from the College.

The first words of the College’s Mission are, “the student is the centre of the Marianopolis learning community.” This means that Marianopolis continues to support nearly 100 clubs dedicated to such worthy causes as defending human rights, tackling environmental issues and engaging in charitable work.

Marianopolis students come from over 175 high schools, public and private, English and French, throughout Montreal and the world. This means that your donation honours the College’s century-old commitment to being accessible to a diverse group of students.

Our historic campus is being renovated to today’s standards, in part with federal government funding to improve learning and teaching spaces. This means that the College’s bedrock value of offering transformative education is recognized at the highest levels.

About 98 percent of Marianopolis students go on to university after graduation. This means that when you give to Marianopolis you are directly investing in the future of a bright young person who will positively impact the world.

Please give today. Choose from any of these options:

Online, which is simple and secure
By mail; please make cheques payable to The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation
Via your child’s tuition statement each semester
Matching gifts from your employer
Payroll deductions
Bequests from your insurance trust or estate
Stocks and appreciated securities

annual giving fall 2018 map

For more information, please contact Anne Cotignola, 514-931-8792 ext. 209.