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What’s Up

WEEK OF March 26, 2017

What’s Up is an information bulletin with news of student-related on-campus events. Students are encouraged to make a habit of reading What’s Up, as they are responsible for knowing the academic content it contains, such as information about academic procedures, deadlines and exams. The submission deadline is 2:30 p.m. Wednesdays via the What’s Up submission form.

Sunday, March 26

MSU Election Day, your chance to change 2,000 lives. Know that your vote matters, regardless of whether you care too much, care just enough or don’t care at all. By electing your student union, you have the power to decide what everyday will look like for Marianopolis students next year. This Sunday, vote for a better today.

Monday, March 27

1-1:45 p.m., A-256, mindfulness mediation: what do LeBron James, Emma Watson, Jeff Weiner and McGill Med students have in common? They practice mindfulness. You can, too.

Deadline to sign up for the CAP and SIN Physics competitions in B-318. The CAP competition takes place on Tuesday April 11, 12:45-15:45 in A-107. The SIN competition takes place on Thursday May 4, 12:45-14:45 in A-107. Contact Prof. B. Fatholahzadeh for more information.

Counselling tip of the week: feeling worthless, trapped, or hopeless; misusing alcohol and drugs; giving things away; engaging in risky behaviors; frequently talking about death; and having a history of suicidal behaviour are some common suicide warning signs (for more check out the counselling board). One of the best ways to prevent suicide is recognizing these warning signs and knowing how to respond if you spot them. Just because you or someone you know might be showing one or more of these warning signs doesn’t always mean one is suicidal, but it might a good idea to talk to a counsellor just in case. You can see Josie in A-106 or book an appointment on Omnivox.

Tuesday, March 28

12:30-2 p.m., A-401, Les Horizons imaginaires, causerie littéraire avec l’auteure Sylvie Bérard : Venez rencontrer une auteure finaliste du Prix des Horizons imaginaires : Sylvie Bérard, pour son roman de science-fiction Terre des Autres (Éditions Alire). L’auteure parlera du métier d’écrivain, de ses rapports avec la science-fiction, le fantastique et la fantasy, et répondra à nos questions. La rencontre est ouverte à tous, pour un maximum de 40 personnes.

1-2 p.m., A-311, Are you struggling with Trigonometric Identities? Come to our Math Workshop and get help before the problem compounds exponentially!

Thursday, March 30

12:45-2 p.m., A-104, Marianopolis Ping Pong Club weekly practice. Everyone is welcome to come join us to play some ping pong.

1-2 p.m., HERstory in History Women’s Cabaret: If you are interested in performing a song, poem, dance, spoken word, video, project or anything else at the Women’s Cabaret 2017, MIO any executive of the HERstory in history club (Charlotte Huebner, Margaret Rochefort, Olivia Mappin-Kasirer).

6:15-8:15 p.m., McGill University McIntryre Building, 3655 Promenade Sir William Osler, Med-P/Dent-P information session. Did you apply to McGill’s Med-P/Dent-P programs this year? Are you applying next year? If so, you will definitely benefit from this MMI prep workshop. Students currently in the program will share personal tips about the interview process and will run you through practice scenarios meant to reflect what you might see in both the English and French interviews. Sign up!

7-8 p.m., Student Lounge, Marianopolis Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation Club Comedy Night. Want to find a good antidote to stress? Come to this incredible comedy night featuring professional up-and-coming Montreal comedians. Tickets are $10 and available at Wayne’s. Refreshments will be provided and laughter is guaranteed! All proceeds benefit the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation!


April 6, 1-2:30 p.m., D-218, Euclid math contest, the last official math contest of the academic year. Participants should arrive at least 10 minutes beforehand to fill out important student information and ensure that the contest starts on time. This 2.5-hour test is an opportunity for students to have fun and develop their mathematical problem solving ability.  If you missed out on signing up and would like to participate, please see L. Nobile in B-322.

April 7, 7 p.m – midnight, 1-4064 boul. Saint-Laurent, Urban Art Expo. Showcasing curated student artwork from Marianopolis students and some of Montreal’s talented up-and-coming creatives, Urban Art Expo is an event which doubles as a pop-up art gallery and a live electronic music show. All welcome!

April 18 and 20, Living Library 2017: put an end to prejudice one conversation at a time. Would you like to help put a stop to prejudice and stereotyping? Spend an activity period on either April 18 or 20 participating as a living book in Marianopolis College’s 6th annual Living Library. A Living Library, also known as a Human Library, is a library where the books are humans. The “books” vary in age, sex, gender, cultural background, and life experiences. Unlike a regular library, borrowers are given the opportunity to speak informally with these “books” for short periods and learn about their lives, experiences, and wisdom. Volunteer to share yourself with others. Please come talk to or MIO Rachel Levine in B-424 or Angelique Koumouzelis in B-425 to find out more or register.

The University of Oxford’s Canada Undergraduate Recruitment Tour comes to Marianopolis on Wednesday April 19. Interested local students, parents, advisors and guidance counselors are invited to register.

Interested in showing your artwork at the College? ArtsFest runs April 24-May 12. We are looking for your drawings, paintings, collages, digital artwork and 3D work to show on the corridor walls and in the Library. All students, regardless of program of study, are welcome to submit work. Please MIO Selena Liss or stop by her office, I-402. She will give you further information and let you know where and when to drop off your artworks.

Interested in taking part in an Arctic expedition this summer? Find out how by visiting studentsonice.com.

Bishop’s Forum: civic leadership institute for English-speaking youth, August 13-18 2017. Are you a leader between the ages of 18 and 24? Are you a member of the English-speaking community of Quebec? Do you want to have a better idea of how Quebec society works? Do you want an “inside look” at how major Quebec institutions operate? Do you want to make your career here? Do you want to influence public policy? Apply by April 15 to take part in a week-long Quebec immersion program at Bishop’s University. bishopsforum.ubishops.ca.


In need of some academic support? Visit us at the Learning Resources Centre (F-317) for more information on our peer and alumni tutoring service. Apply in person or online at marianopolis.edu/peertutoring

Are you struggling with pre-calculus concepts? Come talk to the Mathematics Monitor and get help before the problem compounds exponentially! Drop in at F-314 every Activity Period or book an appointment.

Need help with school subjects or homework? Can’t find the answers on Yahoo or Ask.com? Have your questions answered by fellow Marianopolites who have been in your position on the Marianopolis Study Forum! Return the favour by answering their questions in turn! Visit students.marianopolis.edu/marioforum, hosted by the Mario Study Forum Club, to create your account and get your answers today.

Lisa Tomlinson has joined Student Services as a Guidance Counselling intern on Thursdays and Fridays. She supports students with school- and career-related questions and concerns, whether it’s time- or stress-management, studying habits, exam prep, figuring out what’s next after Marianopolis, what kind of career you want in the future, resources and more. Book an appointment via Omnivox or stop by A-114 on Thursdays and Fridays.


Team practices take place in the Gym at 6 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Team Day
Men’s basketball Monday and Wednesday
Women’s basketball Monday and Wednesday
Men’s volleyball Tuesday and Thursday
Women’s volleyball Tuesday and Thursday
Women's badminton Tuesday 7:30 and Friday