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How can I learn more about being a Marianopolis parent?

Every Marianopolis student is considered an adult responsible for all aspects of their academic life. The transition from high school to college can pose challenges, as students learn to become more independent and parents take on a supporting role, rather than managing role, in their child’s education. Each fall, we hold Parent Information Evening to help parents learn how to support their Marianopolis student in their transition from high school to college and university.

How can I support my child throughout their time at Marianopolis?

One of the best ways to help your Marianopolis student is to stay informed. Consult our website on a regular basis: familiarize yourself with the College Calendar, institutional policies, ever-changing homepage and Resources and services section so you can stay up to date on what is going on at the College.

Where and how do I communicate with the College?

Keep in mind that if a student is over the age of 18 or has not provided the College with written authorization, it is not legally possible to advise parents of any personal or academic information. Rest assured that should any academic concerns arise, the College will reach out to the student to provide support and options. While the College is unable to give parents information directly, appointments can be made where both the parent(s) and student are present so any issues of concern can be discussed. General inquiries can be addressed to parents@marianopolis.edu. It is not appropriate for parents to contact teachers directly. Any concerns should be addressed to the Office of the Academic Dean.

What resources are available to students?

Marianopolis students have many resources to help them reach their highest potential and almost all of them are free. They can book appointments with academic advisors to discuss current or university studies; psychologists are available for personal and career counselling. The Learning Resources Center helps students with everything from English writing skills to finding a peer tutor for support with coursework. Librarians help boost research and citation skills. It is up to each student to seek these resources and ask for help.

How many hours a week should my child devote to school work?

Although every student has their own methods and strategies for organizing school work, expectations are still tied to each course. Information on how many hours a student should devote to school work can be found in the College Calendar or on the course outlines provided in each class.

When are grades available?

Grades are officially posted at two key points: the midterm assessment in the middle of the term and the end of the term. Some teachers regularly update grades during the term. Consult the College Calendar.

Do I have access to my child’s grades and/or R-Score?

No. Grades are, however, posted on the student’s password-protected Omnivox account. Although it is the student’s responsibility to keep their parents up to date, it is good for parents to strive for an open relationship with their child so that they remain aware of their academic progress.

How can I support Marianopolis?

Parents play an important role in supporting the College. With about one in five Marianopolis students receiving financial aid, the College welcomes donations of any amount to The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation.