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Board of Governors

The 20 members of the Marianopolis College Board of Governors are stewards of the College’s Mission and Vision. They are elected or appointed from among the College’s primary stakeholders: the Congrégation de Notre-Dame, faculty and staff, students, parents, alumni and friends of the educational community. These dedicated volunteers are responsible for fostering effective leadership and for furthering the College’s role as a premier institution of higher learning. Collectively, the Board ensures the institution’s financial health; it develops and oversees the strategic plan; it hires, supports and evaluates the Director General; and promotes the College’s heritage.

Governors 2016-2017

Donat Taddeo, Chair
David Bowles, Vice Chair
André Roy, Secretary
Jennifer Rhee, Treasurer
Christian Corno, Director General
Mary Allen, Academic Dean (interim)
Elizabeth Arnot, faculty member
Dolores Chew, faculty member
Jérémie Vinet, faculty member
Adam Groening, staff member
Monica Lopez, staff member
Anthony Koch, student member
Diana Di Iorio, student member
Jeanne Bonneau, CND, external member
Brian Burrows, external member
Susan Emblem ’86, external member
Patricia Galella ’89, external member
Lynne Gervais, external member
Irene Tschernomor, external member