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Student Life Awards

More than 100 students were recognized for their contributions to the quality of student life at Marianopolis during the College’s annual Student Life Awards ceremony on May 20. Each student was nominated by faculty, staff or a fellow student for having consistently demonstrated an interest in student life through initiative, leadership, organizational ability and generosity.

The College also recognized exemplary contributions to student life through the following awards:

Clifton Ruggles Award

Established in 1998 to honour a Montreal artist, writer, educator and social activist, this award is given to a graduating student who has made a major contribution to the life of the College in one or more of the fields embraced by Clifton Ruggles.

Recipients: Lojain Hamwi, Dorothy Rafael, Hakim Sheriff.

Congress Outstanding Club Participation Award

The Congress Outstanding Club Participation Award is given to a club with fewer than 20 members and one club with more than 20 members, each of whom have distinguished themselves by:

  • carrying out their mandate as elaborated in their mission statement
  • responsibly managing their finances
  • participating in Congress and Student Services-organized activities/events, where applicable;
  • organizing at least two activities for both its members and the school at large.

: Young Executives Business Club, Silver Key.

Douglas Howes Award

This award was established in 2010 to honour a Student Life Animator who was committed to enhancing student life at Marianopolis. The selected candidate made a significant contribution to student life in one or more of the following ways:

  • provided outstanding leadership in the development of a new or creative initiative which will have a lasting impact on the campus
  • made a significant impact on the quality of student life through the development of or active participation in programs, services and/or activities
  • held an official position (elected position, club executive, participation on a committee) where their contribution well exceeded expectations or the role of that position
  • initiated a service or project which resulted in increased collaboration between various constituencies, brought together groups for a common goal and/or promoted and encouraged the involvement of others.

: Melisa Demir, Reina Jordan, Christina Wagner.

Sr. Elizabeth Mahoney Award

Established in 2000 to honour a member of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame who, as a Marianopolis teacher and Coordinator of Finance, was known for her integrity, humour, kindness and generosity of spirit, this award is given to a graduating student who has demonstrated:

  • generosity in contributing to the success of many projects without active engagement  in a leadership role
  • service to others as a way of life, not a matter of choice
  • quiet diligence coupled with an unselfish nature.

: Sarah Chibane, Alexandra Cohen, Eran Stysis.

Sr. Nola Joyce Award

Established in 1991 to recognize the work of a former Humanities and Spanish teacher particularly active in the Montreal Social Justice Committee,  this is given to a graduating student who has had sustained involvement in social justice activities.

Recipient: Francis Ngabirano.