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Teaching and commemorating World War I

Fourth centenary year, 2017-2018

World War I was cataclysmic. Fought on many fronts and continents, it was also the culmination of a century of nationalism, industrialization and rivalry, when the ideals of liberalism and pacifism were battered. The war’s consequences carry into this millennium, resonating in politics, economics, culture, geography and conflicts.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Marianopolis community is sharing its expertise in a variety of areas through the prism of World War I. Instructors are drawing on their areas of expertise, as well as taking this opportunity to add other dimensions to what they are already teaching. The College’s expert librarians have created a collection of resources to help deepen understanding of the Great War.

Many events are taking place across the College:

6-8 p.m., tonight, Thursday November 8, Library: Diary Kid: three generations re/live the Great War. Grace Keenan Prince, one-time Reference Librarian at the College, received a box of letters and diaries written by her uncle while he served in World War I. She edited them and the book Diary Kid was published. The CBC selected one of her sons to represent his great-uncle in its living history project of the war. He will speak and students will read some of the soldier’s work.

WW1 slide_a.y.jackson

Image: A.Y. Jackson. A Copse, Evening (1918). Beaverbook Collection of War Art, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa.